• Orange Is The New Black: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (And 5 They Rejected)

    Prison drama series Orange Is the New Black has been making us laugh and cry for seven whole seasons and we already miss it like crazy. The best part of the series is the characters and their relationships that build up over time with one another, while behind bars. As the theme song states, when you're in prison, "you've got time", which means there's a whole lot of hours spent getting to know people in ways that you simply couldn't in the outside world.

    The bonds and connections in this series are extremely unique, and some of the relationships we loved while others were so bad they made us angry. Here are 5 relationships on OITNB that fans were totally rooting for and 5 that we couldn't stand.

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    Orange is the New Black Piper and Alex

    Piper and Alex had a strong and passionate connection throughout the series, regardless of how messy their relationship got. (Spoiler Alert: It got really messy). It seemed as though Piper had been waiting for her whole life to meet someone like Alex Vause, a person who would sweep her off her feet and introduce her to a world of rebellion that she so desperately wanted to be a part of.

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    These two basically grew up together in their on-again-off-again relationship, and we were all thrilled to see that they wanted to make it work in the end.

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    Orange is the New Black Larry and Piper copy

    Piper and Larry were a decent enough couple and fans could tell that they really did love each other but we all knew the true passion and romance was between Piper and Alex.

    Larry was good to Piper, yet their relationship represented a safe lifestyle that Piper didn't want to be a part of. They both wanted different things in the end and ultimately they each found what they were looking for so there were no hard feelings when it came down to it. They even became something close to friends in the finale. That's total "ex" goals if you ask us.

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    Nicky and Morello shared what was perhaps the saddest relationship dynamic in the entire series. The bond these two had was incredibly heartbreaking yet at the same time beautiful. Nicky and Lorna shared a connection that kept on altering from romantic to strictly platonic, yet they both cared for each other deeply throughout.

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    In the end, although Nicky was crazy about Lorna, she realized that she couldn't help her. No one could- only Lorna could help herself. According to Nicky, Lorna had fallen too far "down the rabbit hole" and she wasn't sure if she'd ever be able to get her back up.

    All Lorna Morello ever wanted was a normal family with a dream husband and a perfect Italian baby. Being rather conservative, Morello was insistent on having a husband as opposed to a female lover *cough cough Nicky*. Lorna obsessed over finding "the one" and she thought she found the one in Vinny but it turned out he couldn't help her due to the mental state she was in.

    He loved her and supported her but in the end, it was all too much for him to handle. It proved that during their marriage they didn't know each other at all. All they both cared about was the idea of each other. Nicky, on the other hand, was determined to take care of Lorna in a way that he never could.

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    Daya and Officer Bennett were one of the leading romances in the first handful of seasons on Orange Is the New Black and we were totally in awe of their relationship. Their love for each other was pure and innocent, which is not how most relationships between officers and inmates tend to be due to the power dynamics.

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    It was adorable to see the two pretend to be a normal couple as though they were in the outside world, yet things got messy when there was a baby brought into the mix. Daya was carrying their child and Bennett ultimately screwed the whole thing up by leaving her and the baby. If it wasn't for that moment, we would've still totally shipped them as a couple, and fans were devastated when he left.

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    Out of all the relationships in the prison series, this one was easily the most sickening for fans. Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett started off as the main antagonist on Orange Is the New Black yet slowly over time she became one of the most multi-dimensional characters in the entire series.

    We got to know more about her past and what lead her to act the way she did which ultimately made it more heartbreaking when Coates took advantage of her. Pennsatucky most likely believed that she couldn't do better than him due to her upbringing. We were 100% on Big Boo's side when she warned Doggett against it.

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    Poussey Washington was easily a fan favorite throughout her time in the series but it was very apparent how lonely she was in the first couple of seasons. At the same time, Brook Soso was dealing with severe depression to the point where she could no longer feel.

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    In the finale of season 3 when the inmates escape to the lake, Poussey and Brook find each other in the water and hold hands. Suddenly, it's as though they are no longer lost. Their relationship is one of the purest connections in the entire series and we were devastated after Poussey's death.

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    There was potential throughout the series that these two would become more than just friends and fans weren't necessarily rooting for this to be the case. Although they ultimately kept things platonic rather than romantic, there has always been a flirtatious air between the two and they even hooked up once or twice after both being dumped by the people they were in love with.

    If anything, they were each other's rebounds when their other relationships didn't work, and their hookup was more of a cure for loneliness than the works of cupid's arrow.

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    Originally Fig and Caputo offered a steamy love/hate relationship dynamic for OITNB, and we were certain there had to be an underlying reason behind all that tension between them. Turns out these two were pretty much attracted to each other from the beginning and they decided to explore that attraction which eventually grew into a loving relationship.

    What started off as sexual tension between them slowly morphed into a healthy and supportive connection between two people with similar goals and ambitions.

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    This relationship started off promising during the season 3 finale when nearly all of the inmates escaped to the beach. In the scene, Suzanne and Maureen had a quirky non-verbal bonding moment akin to sims characters and it was undeniably adorable.

    The idea of Suzanne aka "crazy eyes" finding love was a beautiful and rewarding concept, but the initial excitement of their budding romance didn't last for long. Soon, Maureen started to grow obsessed with Suzanne to the point where it was more Criminal Minds than cute.

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