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If you’ve been following the gals from Litchfield since Orange is the New Black began streaming on Netflix in 2013, you’ve probably grown fond of some of your favourite characters. From the sassy and scary Galina “Red” Reznikov, to the lovable Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, and the hilariously downtrodden Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett, Nicky Nichols, and Lorna Morello, there’s someone for everyone.

Show your love of the series before it officially ends with some of these great gifts that will put a smile on any fan’s face.

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8 Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison

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It’s the book that started it all, telling the true story of Piper Kerman from a high society family who spent time in a women’s prison for money laundering. Of course, the series takes some creative liberties, embellishing on the facts and taking the story into more dramatic territory.

It is television, of course. But this New York Times Bestselling autobiographical book will give you the full and true story of how things went down, and the real-life people who inspired some of the characters on the show. Running 327 pages, it will make for a perfect summer beach read.

7 Orange is the New Black Complete Seasons 1-4 Collection + Digital Copy

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Sure, you can always stream past episodes on Netflix. But grab these physical discs to keep for posterity, or maybe bring them up to the cottage where Wi-Fi is spotty, or to a friend’s house who doesn’t have a big wireless package to accommodate your sleepover binge session.

Watch 4 of the 6 seasons that have aired to date (the last and final season will air this year) to see how all of your favorite friendships were forged, and enjoy a digital copy so you can load it onto your computer to watch while on a plane or anywhere else you don't have reliable Wi-Fi.

6 Orange is the New Black Presents: The Cookbook

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Imagine being able to serve up some of Red’s famous Chicken Kiev for dinner, followed by Miss Claudette’s Coconut Cake? Maybe you want to be really bold and wash it all down with some homemade “Prison Punch? (if you so dare).

You can find out how to make all of these presumably delicious and budget-friendly dishes at home from this 224-page cookbook. There are recipes covering three major meals of the day, plus snacks, sides, desserts, and drinks. Some fun sidebars include Taystee’s suggested prison reading list, Red’s homemade homeopathic remedies, and a prison glossary.

5  Orange is the New Black T-Shirt

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Wear your support for the ladies loud and proud with this 100% cotton T-shirt, which comes in either black or dark heather grey, with the Orange is the New Black logo on the front in white and orange.

It’s a classic fit shirt, making it perfect to wear while lounging around the house, or out and about with a pair of jeans or jogging pants. Men’s sizes are from small to 2XL, and women’s from small to 3XL.

4 I Love Orange is the New Black Designer Notebook

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Whether it’s to jot down random notes about each episode, store your most intimate thoughts about characters (is he really a good guy or not?), keep on top of appointments, groceries, or other items, this designer notebook is a great way to keep your love of the show tucked away in your purse, briefcase, or backpack to pull out whenever inspiration hits.

Measuring 6x9, the book contains 120 lined white pages of high-quality paper, with a stylish matte-finished cover.

3 Orange is the New Black Vinyl

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Rock out to some of the tunes that appeared on the series from artists like Gwendolyn Sanford, Brandon Jay, and Scott Doherty. Spin this 12” special limited edition vinyl LP on a turntable, then listen to songs like “I Don’t Need Your Cornbread,” and “Don’t Make Me Cut You” on your own, or have an orange jumpsuit dance party as you and your friends sing along.

2 Orange is the New Black George Pornstache Mendez Pop! Vinyl Figure

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He only appeared in the first season of the show, then sporadically through the second and a couple of times since. But he was one of the most hilarious yet despicable characters. A corrections officer at the prison, George (or, as the girls called him, "Pornstache") is crooked in every way possible, taking advantage of the female inmates, selling them drugs, and dolling out punishments whenever he felt the itch to simply be mean.

Yet you can’t help but feel sorry for him. Have your own little 3 3/4” version to keep you company at home, complete with a mini mustache and gun holster. Now, if only you could pull a string and make him scream “that’s a shot, Chapman!”

1 Orange is the New Black 8 x 10 Photo Poster Art

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Hang this photo in your room, or display it on your office, secured to the wall, or maybe even in a frame. It features 15 of the main characters from the first season, including inmates as well as prison guards.

True to the series itself, they’re all displaying a range of emotions, from fear to anger, surprise, and contentment. The new photograph is a great item to add to your collection of memorabilia from the series that will end this year.NEXT: The Ultimate Pirates Of The Caribbean Gift Guide

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