Orange Is The New Black: 5 Fan Favorite Characters We Miss (& 5 We Don't)

Orange is the New Black is an epic Netflix series that is filled with as many laughs as it is filled with heartache. We have fallen in love with the inmates at Litchfield Prison, the show shedding a whole new light on our views of the prison system. For almost seven seasons, we have followed the adventures of these women and have grown to empathize with their unfortunate situation behind bars. As expected, several people have come in and out of Litchfield, some that we greatly miss, and others that we weren't sad at all to say goodbye to. Who were some of the members of the prison that we really miss? Who were we glad to see go? Read our list to find out!

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10 Missed: Maritza

Maritza is one of the most beloved characters on Orange is the New Black due to her positivity and bubbly nature amidst all of the injustice and pain she must endure within the walls of Litchfield. She was forced by a particularly sadistic officer to do unspeakable things, yet she was able to bounce back on her feet in a matter of days and keep that sparkle of light inside her eyes. Maritza isn't about to let anyone kill her spirit, which is why we love her so much—and wish we could subscribe to her prison Youtube channel! The character was removed from season 6 because the actress had other projects to attend to, yet we are still crossing our fingers that she will make her return in the final season. It would be epic to see her reconnect with Flaca for the ultimate "Flaritza" reunion!

9 Don't Miss: Pornstache

George "Pornstache" Mendez was easily one of the most obnoxious Corrections Officers in all of Litchfield. Sure, he added a pleasant dose of humor to the show, and he also seems like a total angel in comparison to some of the newer officers on the series as the seasons progressed, but ultimately he was the kind of guy who does not, by any circumstances, deserve a position of power. Pornstache took advantage of his authoritative status to harass the women in Litchfield Prison. When he left his position due to his arrest, no one was crying in the wake of his absence.

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8 Miss: Officer Bennett

Officer John Bennett might have ultimately chosen the selfish route when it came to his relations with Dayanara and their baby, and we may not ever forgive him for that. Yet, despite his cowardly choice to leave the two in the dark, as a whole, John Bennett added an incredible romantic element to the show in his relationship with inmate Diaz. The scenes where the two would pretend to play house as if they were a married couple living a totally normal life were undoubtedly heartbreaking. He truly loved Dayanara and wanted the best for her. He made sure to protect her as best as he could and it ultimately resulted in his downfall.

7 Don't Miss: Maureen

Maureen was Suzanne aka "Crazy Eyes"'s girlfriend on Orange is the New Black starting at the end of season 3. At first, the two seemed like a perfectly cute couple. They were both total oddballs, and it only added to their uniqueness as a pair. Yet, as time progressed, Maureen started to get pretty clingy.

Clingy might be a bit of an understatement though. "Stalkerish" might be a more appropriate way to describe Maureen's behavior towards Suzanne. She would make hair portraits for Suzanne out of her own hair and aggressively suggest they start a life together in the forest. She then beat Suzanne up horribly—although she was provoked by the officers—because she felt rejected. She ended up passing away in season 6 due to her fight with Suzanne which left her with a multitude of injuries.

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6 Miss: Officer Fischer

Officer Fischer, aka Susan Fischer, was a rare depiction of an officer at the prison who actually saw the inmates as human beings rather than two-dimensional criminals with black tarpits of darkness for souls.  Fischer could really empathize with these women and was willing to truly listen to their wants and needs, unlike anyone else working at Litchfield. Because of her naturally kind persona, a couple of prisoners felt they could take advantage of her gentle nature by manipulating Fischer into doing things for them. In the end, Fischer's time at the prison was getting to her enough that she decided to leave. It's a good thing she left before things started to get extremely dark. Who was ultimately responsible for all that darkness? Our next slide will tell you just who...

5 Don't Miss: Desi Piscatella

Desi Piscatella was the true monster of Orange is the New Black, and he is easily the person we miss the least on the show. He was shot and killed by someone on the SWAT team by mistake, and we're honestly glad he's gone. All he did was cause pain and suffering within the prison, and we will never forgive him for the way he so merrily abused Red. Nobody touches Red and gets away with it!  Not on our watch. Because of him, he almost fully changed the tone of OITNB from being a "dramedy" to a "traumedy". It was terrifying to watch him abuse the inmates with such glee and disregard for their feelings.

4 Miss: Sophia Burset

Sophia Burset is easily a fan favorite on Orange is the New Black due to her kind nature and everlasting strength. She spent much of season 6 being locked up in the SHU without any human contact. After all of her suffering, she finally was allowed light at the end of the extremely dark tunnel.

She was let out of prison for good and given a hefty amount of cash from Linda as a form of bribery. We're glad someone got a proper dose of justice, and who better than Sophia to get it? Because she is released from prison, it is unknown whether or not she will return to the show next season, but if she is gone, she will be greatly missed.

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3 Don't Miss: Vee

Vee was truly one of the most manipulative characters in the history of OITNB, and she seemed to strongly desire the old ways of the prison rather than the more relaxed and inclusive ways of present-day Litchfield. She craved power and would resort to violence in order to put people in their place. Vee wholly manipulated Suzanne into trusting her and isolated one of the most beloved characters, Poussey. She was bad news, and in the end, she got what was coming to her when Rosa ran her over in the speeding car as "Don't Fear The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult blasted.

2 Miss: Poussey

Poussey was easily one of the biggest fan favorites in all of Orange is the New Black. She wouldn't hurt a fly and would do whatever she could to stand up for her friends, regardless of the consequences. She was intelligent, brave, and especially kind-hearted. She adored books, which is why she spent pretty much all of her time in the library. Her relationship with Taystee was beautiful and heartbreaking due to her unrequited love for Taystee, yet she ultimately found the love she had been searching for within her relationship with Brook Soso. Her death was perhaps the most heart-shattering moment on the entire show, and fans were devastated with the injustice being held for one of the sweetest characters in the series.

1 Don't Miss: Judy King

Judy King was the celebrity chef who many members of the prison were thrilled to have join Litchfield so they could be amongst the rich and famous. At times she seemed alright and actually seemed to be friends with some of the ladies on the show, yet once she was let out, it was clear she didn't care about anyone other than herself. We will not miss her and her selfish ways.

Who is your favorite and least favorite character on Orange is the New Black?

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