Orange Is The New Black: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About The Main Characters

Orange Is The New Black is over, but it feels like some of the characters' stories are not. These are the questions that were not answered.

Orange is the New Black Cast

Life at Litchfield prison may very well be over now, but that doesn't mean that fans have forgotten about the characters of Orange Is The New Black, as there are plenty of questions that people have about the main characters in the show.

After investing so much time and emotion into the various storylines that the show provided, it is always going to be impossible to properly wrap up every single one, and that was the case with the popular Netflix show.

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Because of that, people have many unanswered questions about the main characters even after Orange Is The New Black came to an end.

10 Does Morello Recover?

Orange is the New Black - Morello

Lorna Morello is one of the most beloved characters in Orange Is The New Black. Being one of the original members of the main group, she is someone who has gone through plenty of ups and downs throughout, but the final season really was a heartbreaking one for her.

It has always been known that Morello likes to fantasize about things that don't actually exist, but her belief that her child is still alive on the outside is by far the most upsetting of her imaginary ideas.

When she finally realizes that he sadly died, Morello has a monumental breakdown which leads to her landing a place in 'Florida' which is a block for the mentally insane, and fans are left to hope that everything will be okay for her.

9 Will Red Be Okay?

Orange is the New Black - Red

Morello isn't the only popular character that has a very sad ending in the final season of Orange Is The New Black, as things also take a very sad turn for Red, who had spent the entire show being the leader of her girls.

In the last season, Red begins to forget things and starts making mistakes which eventually leads to her being diagnosed with dementia, which is put down to the amount of time she spent locked up in The Shu, alone.

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It is certainly sad to see how she slowly starts to fall apart, and much like Morello, she also winds up in 'Florida,' with fans left wondering how she will be able to cope inside the prison without being the leader and the cook anymore.

8 Does Anyone Save Karla?

Karla might have been a new character to the show in the final season, but the writers did such a great job with her storyline that she quickly became one of the most popular characters in Orange Is The New Black. 

All she wants to do is be back with her two sons, and as she treks across the border into the USA to reunite with them, she winds up falling and seriously injuring her leg. This leaves her unable to walk as the rest of the group decides to leave her stranded, alone.

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It was a major story for the show to tackle in the final season, with this being a real-world issue that they did a great job of highlighting, although we never know if someone finds her, or if Karla is reunited with her children.

7 Does Daya Survive?

Orange is the New Black - Daya and Aleida

Daya's storyline is one of the most interesting in Orange Is The New Black, as she goes from such a nice, innocent character to the main drug runner of the entire prison. She becomes the person that everyone is afraid of and who has no concerns over anything.

However, when her mother is placed back into prison, it is clear that things won't be quite as simple for the prison's drug kingpin, as Aleida isn't impressed by what is happening with her daughter.

After watching from afar for most of the final season, as things come to an end, the mother and daughter end up in a brawl, and the final time we see Daya is being choked by Aleida, yet we never know whether she allows her daughter to live, or if she brings her life to an end.

6 Does Nicky Become The New Red?

Orange is the New Black - Nicky

Something that Orange Is The New Black hinted and teased at was the idea that Nicky was going to take over the role that Red had been doing in the prison throughout the entire series, which was working as a leader to try and help everyone else.

Red had been there for Nicky throughout the show with all of her major drug problems, and a big question about her is whether or not she has what it takes to stay clean in order to take on that leadership role.

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The fact that the show ended with Nicky in the kitchen, where everyone associated Red was a clear sign at what the show was hinting, but it would have been great to actually see her in the role for a little while.

5 Does Cindy Find A House?

Orange is the New Black - Black Cindy

Cindy is proof that even though people can leave prison, it doesn't always mean that they will be able to lead a better life, as things are incredibly difficult for convicts when they are released back into the real world.

Cindy is struggling massively when we see her, after falling out with her family, she ends up being homeless, living in a tent with a few belongings that she has to carry around with her as she tries to survive.

Thankfully, she does start to create a bond with her daughter, who always thought Cindy was her sister towards the end of the show, so if that relationship improves then perhaps she moves back to the family home, but we are never given that answer.

4 Does Gloria Stay Out?

Selenis Leyva as Gloria Mendoza in Orange is the New Black

Gloria is one of the original characters of Orange Is The New Black and is someone who fans desperately wanted to see be released in order to be reunited with her children, and thankfully in the final season that's exactly what happens.

While it almost goes wrong for her as she is caught smuggling a cell phone, thankfully Luschek does the right thing and admits he trafficked the devices, leading to him being fired and Gloria being released from prison.

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But the real question fans want to know is whether she is able to stay out of prison, as that is a task within itself. Aleida tries and fails earlier on, ending right back in the prison, so does Gloria learn from that mistake?

3 Does Flaca Help More ICE Detainees?

Orange is the New Black - Flaca

In the final season of Orange Is The New Black, Flaca seems to have finally found her calling, and it isn't anything to do with beauty or makeup, which might surprise people.

Instead, Flaca is determined to help those who are wrongfully detained by ICE, smuggling in her cell phone to gain information for the immigrants to stop them from being deported, giving slips of paper with each lunch tray that she provides.

However, this is a huge risk on her behalf, as it could lead to tons more time being added to her sentence, so it would have been interesting to know whether or not she actually stuck to doing it.

2 Does Fig & Caputo Adopt?

Caputo and Natalie in Orange is the New Black

The mismatched couple of Caputo and Figueroa is something that nobody thought would end up actually happening, simply because they seem to hate each other more than they seem to like each other.

However, in the final season, the pair fully commit to each other and actually try to start a family, with Caputo having surgery and Fig getting IVF shots as they try to help themselves with science.

In the end, we see the pair actually head to an adoption information fair where they meet a little girl and appear to take a liking to her, but we never do find out if they actually get to adopt or not.

1 Do Piper And Alex Work?

Orange is the New Black - Piper and Alex

Piper and Alex have always had a complex on-again, off-again relationship and the final season really does push that to its limits, with each woman cheating on the other with different people as they struggle to cope as a couple with Piper out of prison.

It does seem like the couple won't be able to survive the wait for Alex to get out of prison, and they do almost split up until right at the end when Piper is shown visiting Alex in her new prison as she serves the rest of her sentence.

But with a bunch of new inmates and potential love interests, does the couple actually survive, or is that final clip of them just one more desperate attempt to fix something that is already broke beyond repair.

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