Oprah has Jumped the Shark

Now don't get me wrong, Oprah has done immense good with her show not only in the U.S. but all over the world, but somewhere recently she's taken a sharp turn to the Left. Just last week she had this thinly veiled "get out the vote" show which had only Democratic supporters on it. We're talking great thinkers like Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore.

You've probably heard the insinuation made by Diaz that a vote for President Bush was a vote for legalizing rape. She said this as she almost wept and Oprah and her audience solemnly nodded their heads in understanding.

Today she had a show that supposedly demonstrated what it was like for a 30 year old woman to live in countries around the world. She opened with a woman from Kuwait who was quite wealthy. The woman said that not everyone there was monetarily rich, but that since the government paid for school through university, all health care, and even gave couples $12,000 as a wedding gift, that people there are very well-off.

Other countries were highlighted, including Cuba where both doctors and lower level jobs command about $27/month in salary. Oprah had someone on the show who was familiar with life in Cuba, and Oprah's last question was "and they have free health care, right?"

AAAAARRRGGGH! So living in poverty in a communist country is cool, as long as you have free health care?

I found it extremely ironic to have the woman from Kuwait, one of the only (if not the only, correct me if I'm wrong) democratic countries in the Middle East on the Oprah show talking about how great life is there (oh, except that women can't vote) when just last week Oprah was pushing people to vote for John Kerry, who is against bringing democracy to Iraq and was against our joining the Gulf War in defense of Kuwait!

Here we are trying to bring democracy to Iraq, in the hope of bringing a future that will echo that of Kuwait for it's people, yet only last week she had a propaganda show for the Left. In a further irony, she had a woman on tape (as well as a guest) that talked about how much worse things are in Iraq since the war started. Women are living in constant fear of being raped, assaulted, or killed.

Here's a news flash: There's a war going on, and it's your countrymen that have you terrified because they are killing their own people... women and children included.

Of course things are awful, but the Kuwaiti constitution was put into effect 43 years ago, and we are only 18 months into the war. Hopefully, things will improve and one day the people of Iraq, with the country's oil reserves, will be as prosperous as those of Kuwait.

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