The Opposition With Jordan Klepper Canceled After One Season

After a single season, Comedy Central has canceled The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, although Klepper will remain with the network. One of the most influential forces in recent comedy history, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart introduced many funny people to the pop culture landscape who went on to become big stars in their own right. The biggest of those is of course Stephen Colbert, who now hosts CBS' The Late Show, and spent a decade hosting The Colbert Report - a spinoff of his Daily Show correspondent persona - on Comedy Central.

Not long after Colbert exited Comedy Central to head to CBS, his old boss Stewart also opted to leave The Daily Show, and his since mostly avoided the limelight. While The Daily Show legacy continues on with host Trevor Noah, Comedy Central's post-Colbert attempts to fill the 11:30pm slot haven't exactly gone that well. In January 2015, TDS' "Senior Black Correspondent" Larry Wilmore began hosting The Nightly Show. Unfortunately, it didn't catch on with the masses, and was canceled in August 2016. This led to the odd decision of moving up Chris Hardwick's @Midnight to 11:30 for awhile - a show that has itself since ended - before the debut of The Opposition with Jordan Klepper in September 2017.

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While critically praised, much like Wilmore, Klepper's Daily Show spinoff failed to become a hit with audiences overall, and Deadline reports that the show has now been canceled. The idea behind The Opposition was for Klepper - in a slightly tweaked version of his oblivious yet overconfident persona from TDS - to host a parody of both online conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and oddball alt-right news sources, using humor to illustrate how just ridiculous things of that nature appeared to those not already inclined to believe they were credible. For whatever reason, that premise didn't capture the attention of the masses, and it's now added to the Comedy Central scrapheap.

While The Opposition may be ending - the final episode will air on June 28 - fans of Jordan Klepper as a host and performer have reason to cheer up, as he won't be leaving Comedy Central altogether. Instead, Klepper will host a new, imaginatively titled weekly show called Klepper. It will feature the titular host traveling around the U.S. interviewing regular people, presumably to get the perspective of the average American.

Klepper - the show - is expected to premiere on Comedy Central in early 2019. For now, the network has no plans for a new occupant for the 11:30 nightly slot. For the foreseeable future, Trevor Noah's Daily Show will be going it alone. Even post-Stewart, The Daily Show continues spawning future hosts of their own programs, with Michelle Wolf recently landing her own Netflix program The Break. At the moment, Daily Show alums Colbert, Samantha Bee, Wyatt Cenac, and John Oliver all have their own shows.

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The Opposition with Jordan Klepper airs its final episode on Thursday, June 28.

Source: Deadline

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