10 Openly Gay Marvel Characters That Might Be Coming To The MCU

Avengers: Endgame was the first MCU movie to feature a character who openly discussed their homosexuality. Where can we go from there?

Avengers: Endgame gave us the first openly gay character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it left a lot of fans (who have spent the last decade waiting to see a gay superhero join the Avengers) pretty underwhelmed. The character wasn’t a superhero or a villain or a cop or a soldier or a scientist.

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It was just a shoehorned-in director cameo, in which a grieving man recovering from his losses in “the Decimation” and getting back out on the dating scene refers to his date as a 'he'. Big deal. Not very momentous. Still, we can hope that this was just the start of things. Here's a selection of openly gay Marvel characters who deserve their time to shine in the MCU.

10 Hulkling

Remember Captain Marvel's politically-biased war between the Skrulls and the Kree? Well, Hulkling – whose real name is Theodore Altman (actually, his real name is Dorrek VIII) – is a hybrid of Skrull and Kree, so he’s a little conflicted. Hulkling began as a younger version of the Hulk, but Hulkling’s shapeshifting abilities are far more advanced and under control than the Hulk’s.

Hulkling could have an awesome character arc in the MCU, being saved from the Kree-Skull conflict by Captain Marvel and then becoming Professor Hulk’s apprentice before settling into a long-term relationship with Wiccan.

9 Iceman

Iceman had been fighting alongside the X-Men in the comics for decades before he stunned audiences by coming out as gay, but fans quickly accepted his sexuality. Everyone loves Frozone from The Incredibles movies, but he was just a parody of Iceman, the mutant who can control ice. Ice on its own doesn’t sound too intimidating, but Iceman’s seamless manipulation of it makes him a formidable foe to any villain who decides to take him on.

With Marvel Studios acquiring a bunch of their own characters, including the X-Men, back from Fox, this could be a good call for the MCU’s first gay character.

8 Vivian

Vivian is a synthezoid who was created by the Vision. Now, the Vision hasn’t existed in the MCU since Thanos ripped the Infinity Stone that was powering his whole existence out of his head. However, we can’t rule out the possibility that he’ll be back since he’s an entirely synthetic organism. Viv is as powerful as the Vision, so she could even replace him in the MCU’s version of events.

Viv’s sexuality hasn’t been confirmed in the comics, but she strongly suggested that she’s either gay or asexual when she said, “an attraction to boys is nowhere within me.” The MCU could easily portray the character as gay.

7 Karolina Dean

Karolina Dean can fly, she can manipulate solar light, and she can take on the form of a Majesdanian. Over the years, she’s taken on names like “Lucy in the Sky” and “L.S.D.” to reflect the trippy visuals that splash across the page when she uses her powers. She’s the daughter of two Hollywood movie stars, which is an interesting backstory angle that the MCU has yet to explore.

Karolina has already been played by Virginia Gardner in Hulu’s Runaways series, but with Disney+ shaking up which TV series have ties to the MCU and which ones don’t, the canonical status of this is pretty up in the air.

6 Hercules

This one is kind of cheating since Marvel’s Hercules is actually bisexual – and even then, it’s only in one reality – but the rumor mill has been going crazy over suggestions that the MCU’s first gay superhero will be the lead character in 2020’s The Eternals. The leading theory is that the MCU will depict Hercules as gay and make him the lead of the film.

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When asked about this casting, Marvel Studios executive Victoria Alonso said that “the world is ready” for a gay superhero, and while she didn’t overtly confirm that The Eternals will star one, it was heavily implied.

5 Phyla-Vell

Phyla-Vell is a hybrid of Kree and Titanian and the daughter of Mar-Vell. In the movies, Mar-Vell was gender-swapped to be a woman, but she could still be Phyla-Vell’s mother. The character is one of the Marvel universe’s most powerful cosmic heroes and there are reams of exciting storylines to draw from.

In the comics, she’s been a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and taken on the Captain Marvel moniker so it would be pretty easy to integrate her into the MCU. She can’t take the name Captain Marvel since it’s already taken by Carol Danvers, but the MCU could show Phyla-Vell with her other superhero alter ego, Quasar.

4 Northstar

In any discussion of who will be the first openly gay superhero in the MCU, it’s important to mention the first openly gay superhero in Marvel Comics. Northstar was a landmark character for comic book history because he was one of the first gay superheroes, the first to come out in a Marvel book, and in 2012, he became the first character to have a same-sex wedding in a mainstream comic.

Northstar has been involved with a bunch of teams, including his own Canadian team Alpha Flight, but the most notable is the X-Men. He’s a mutant with the powers of super speed, flight, and controlling light.

3 Ms. America

Miss America Chavez Marvel Comic

Ms. America, whose real name is America Chavez, is an immensely powerful character. She can fly, she has superhuman strength and speed, she can generate star-shaped energy blasts, and she can jump from reality to reality. In the comics, she’s the best friend of Kate Bishop, the skilled archer who took the mantle of Hawkeye from Clint Barton.

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The two of them were members of the Young Avengers team. While Endgame seemed to discount those Kate Bishop fan theories, Barton was training his daughter to use a bow and arrow in the movie. So, there’s only a couple of steps between the current MCU climate and an appearance by Ms. America.

2 Moondragon

In the MCU, Dave Bautista’s screen version of Drax the Destroyer might just be a vengeful alien who lost his family, but in the comics, it’s more complicated than that. In the source material, Drax was originally a human who was reborn as an alien so that he would have the strength to take on Thanos. That’s where Moondragon plays into the Marvel-verse.

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She’s Drax’s human daughter, Heather Douglas, who got taken along for the ride and went on a bunch of intergalactic adventures with him. Eventually, she became a long-time member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The story would need to be altered slightly for the MCU, but James Gunn could easily make it work.

1 Wiccan

Wiccan was first conceived as a blend of Thor and Scarlet Witch, with both Thor’s strength, flight, and love of Asgard, and Scarlet Witch’s magical powers and control of reality. But he has since grown into an iconic and beloved character of his own. He’s a key member of the Young Avengers, first recruited by Iron Lad (who might be Harley Keener in the MCU’s future).

In the comics, he’s been involved in an ongoing relationship with Hulkling, so introducing both of these characters into the MCU could also lead to the franchise’s first same-sex couple (although some fans have that earmarked for Captain Marvel and Valkyrie).

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