Opening Scene From Mirrors Is Bloody Good

I've been a fan of French horror director Alexandre Aja ever since I first saw his gag-inducing 2003 film, High Tension. That respect only grew with his remake of The Hills Have Eyes, which was sadistic enough to make a nun cry. This month the connoisseur of gore ventures into ghostly territory with a remake of 2003 Korean horror-hit, Mirrors. And here's your chance to preview the film's opening scene.

(This clip is not safe for work viewing, and it is strictly for adults only!)

Mirrors tells the story of ex-cop (Kiefer Sutherland) who goes to work as a security guard in a local mall. There he discovers a department store whose collection of mirrors seem to give people a bit more reflection than they bargained for. When bodies start dropping, the security guard turns to his estranged wife (the über hot Paula Patton), a coroner, for help. But will she buy into his crazy story in time to save their family from the approaching evil? Probably not.

I see this movie really messing with people's heads in a similar way that The Ring did, namely by using mundane items to inspire fear. After all, who doesn't need to look into a mirror everyday?

There's one fly in the ointment regarding the movie, however: It seems as though the film isn't being pre-screened for critics, and although Aja has yet to drop a stinker on us, in the movie biz no pre-screening for critics = bad news. Here's hoping Aja is just trying to keep things mysterious.

Mirrors hits theaters August 15, 2008. It was written and directed by Aja. If you haven't yet seen the freaky-as-all-hell red band trailer for Mirrors, check that out first, then watch the clip below. Let us know if you get goose bumps.


Source: IGN

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