Opening 'The Hurt Locker' [Update]

The first eight minutes of director Kathryn Bigelow's (Point Break) new film The Hurt Locker are now viewable online. This film first blipped onto my radar back in February, when I saw an extended clip from it screened at the New York Comic-Con.

The Hurt Locker follows an Army Explosive Ordnance Device (EOD) Unit operating in Iraq - however this is no preachy political film. It's all about a particular brand of warriors in their combat arena; soldiers living daily life walking into harm's way. Just watch the clip for yourself, see if The Hurt Locker manages to drag you too out onto the edge of your seat.

UPDATE: The video was previously pulled at the request of Summit Entertainment because someone stole it from their FTP site, but now it's been released officially so you can watch it below.

I'd heard Guy Pearce had a part in this film, but this actually the first I've seen of his performance. He does good. This clip is also a great introduction to the other two EOD Unit members, Sgt. JT Sanborn (Anthony Mackie) and Specialist Owen Eldrige (Brian Geraghty). In that scene you quickly get a sense of Sanborn's pragmatic discipline as the leader, and Eldrige's role as the funnyman/sidekick.

Now, the clip I saw at NYCC took place later in the film when Sanborn and Eldrige get partnered with Sgt. William James (28 Weeks Later's Jeremy Renner). When James comes into the picture, the whole dynamic within the EOD Unit gets changed: James is a reckless maverick-type who likes to handle bombs according to his own playbook. Needless to say, Sanborn and Eldrige aren't quick-friends with their new partner, forcing the three soldiers to establish new grounds of camaraderie while braving one near-death scenario after another.

This opening clip was great; the other clip I saw at NYCC was great; the trailer was great; and I'm thinking that all around The Hurt Locker is going to be great. I haven't seen a film this tense and thrilling in a LONG time, and much of the kudos need to go to Kathryn Bigelow, who directed the film so skillfully.

The Hurt Locker is currently playing in NYC and L.A. The film is expected to get a wider release sometime this month. We'll keep you updated.

Source: Trailer Addict via Slash Film

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