Open Discussion (And Site Commenting Rules) - September 3, 2010

As usual - talk about whatever you like as long as it's related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself - just remember to play nice.

On every Open Discussion post I add the note "remember to play nice." But it seems that on some other comment threads on the site that's not always the case.

Things recently got very heated on another article on this site in the comments section and that's going to be the last of it. A reminder of the rules here:

  • No profanity (yes, that includes the s-bomb, which it seems a LOT of people don't consider profanity).
  • No personal attacks - If you call someone stupid, an idiot or worse, your comment will be deleted. I don't care if it took you 30 minutes to write and is 500 words long.
  • Trollish behavior/Flame wars - these are NOT tolerated here. On the article I mentioned we let it go further than it usually does, and I regret not nipping it in the bud. If you're pushing the envelope, you're well aware of it and I don't buy the "who me?" defense.
  • Going off topic - I realize that discussions can veer off the original topic of an article, but if things go WAY off track and stay there then it shouldn't be discussed there. We're increasing the Open Discussion posts to three a week and that should be plenty of opportunity to talk about items unrelated to specific articles.

There's absolutely no need to be unpleasant towards each other - it's completely possible to disagree with one another based on facts or opinions without attacking the other commenter personally or offending each other.

I've always prided myself on having the friendliest and most civilized movie website discussion area on the web, and I will not let that be hijacked by anyone, regardless of whether you're a first time commenter or if you have 1,000 Screen Rant comments under your belt.

Accuse me of censorship, of being unfair, whatever - as far as I'm concerned this site is my house - and when you come into my house you live by my rules. If you can't or won't, there are plenty of other movie news sites out there that will let you say whatever you want to whomever you like.

Things have gotten a bit lax, but we'll be tightening things up again in the interest of making Screen Rant a pleasant place to be, where you can talk about movies and TV without worrying about being attacked or offended.


Vic Holtreman - Owner/Editor-in-Chief

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