Open Discussion - June 11, 2008

Man, what a mad few days it's been! Still tweaking the site and slowly adding new stuff.

First, you need to know that the Subscribe to Comments feature is now WORKING, so if there is a discussion you want to follow, go ahead and sign up for it.

Second, I don't have an automatic way to do this at the moment so it's manual labor, but I'm just starting to flesh out the movie pages. The Incredible Hulk movie page is up with a gallery, trailers and latest news, plus I've just updated the Wanted movie page with a synopsis, trailers and images from the film as well.

Of course talk about whatever you like movie or TV related as usual. If you have anything that needs my attention let me know here.

It's good to be getting back in the groove again, and once me and "the boys" get used to this I think you'll see a lot more posts on the site. :-)

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