Onward Trailer: Chris Pratt & Tom Holland Are Elves On A Magical Journey

Julia Louis Dreyfus and Tom Holland in Onward

The first trailer for Pixar's Onward is officially released online. In recent years, the animation powerhouse has been in the sequel business, as four of their last five movies (including this summer's Toy Story 4) were followups to established properties. But now, Pixar is going back to what they do best: producing original content that enthralls moviegoers of all ages. They do not have any more sequels lined up at this point in time, so audiences can expect to go to exciting new worlds over the next handful of years.

First up is Onward, written and directed by Monsters University helmsman Dan Scanlon. The film is headlined by Marvel Cinematic Universe co-stars Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, who portray two elf brothers going on a journey to see if there's still magic in the world. The likes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer have supporting roles. Pixar got the Onward marketing campaign started this week by releasing a pair of still images and a poster. Now, there's a teaser for fans to check out.

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Tonight during Game 1 of the 2019 NBA Finals, Pixar unveiled the Onward trailer (a few weeks before it surely is attached to Toy Story 4 screenings). Watch it in the space below:

Like most Pixar teaser trailers, the Onward preview doesn't reveal much about the main narrative and instead focuses more on establishing the film's world. The footage here combines suburban and fantasy elements, with the Lightfoot family living in a seemingly normal neighborhood where unicorns, dragons, gnomes, and elves (among others) just happen to live. The animation is unsurprisingly beautiful to look at, and the Onward universe looks like it's ripe for creativity. Whether it's Andy's bedroom in Toy Story or the inner workings of Riley's mind in Inside Out, crafting unique and fascinating worlds is a Pixar staple. In the trailer, viewers also got a taste of Holland and Pratt's vocal performances, with the latter channeling his comedic Thor voice from the most recent Avengers movies.

There's no denying the Onward trailer is lighthearted and played mainly for laughs, but the actual film sounds like it will be just as emotional and poignant as anything in the Pixar canon. Holland and Pratt's characters, Ian and Barney, are on a quest to find a little bit of magic so they can spend one day with their late father (of whom the siblings have no memories of). The story is very personal for Dan Scanlon, who based the film on his own life experiences (Scalon's father died when Scanlon and his brother were very young). Hopefully, Onward can be the next Pixar original classic and deliver more of what the studio is known for.

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