• Pixar has announced that a new animated movie, Onward, will release in 2020. 1 / 10

    Onward Poster Vertical
  • The movie follows Pixar's upcoming Toy Story sequel. 2 / 10

    Toy Story 4 Vertical
  • But how could Onward fit into the Pixar Theory? 3 / 10

    coco pixar TLDR vertical
  • The movie follows two elf brothers on the search of magic. 4 / 10

    Pixar's Onward Chris Pratt Character Vertical
  • They also want to spend another day with their dad who previously passed away. 5 / 10

    Pixar's Onward Tom Holland Character Dragon Vertical
  • This could lead to the Witch from Brave through her magic and time traveling ability. 6 / 10

  • The mystical creatures in Onward might also be living on another planet. 7 / 10

    Pixar's Onward Tom Holland Character Vertical
  • There are no humans in Onward but they could be an evolved species. 8 / 10

    Pixar's Onward Julia Louis-Dreyfus Character Vertical
  • Maybe another ship carrying humans (like in WALL-E) crash landed on a new planet. 9 / 10

    Pixar vertical
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