New 'Only God Forgives' Trailer and Poster: Ryan Gosling's Out for Revenge

Only God Forgives trailer and poster with Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling reunited with director Nicolas Winding Refn to make Only God Forgives, and that Bangkok revenge-thriller has already proven to be even more divisive than the duo's American neo-Noir collaboration, Drive.

Only God Forgives premiered at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, where it prompted walk-outs and even boos during its screening. The resulting wave of reviews were all over the board, with critics making accusations that the film is excessive - and maybe even pornographic - in its depiction of violence; that's in addition to being self-indulgent, with regard to the dream logic that was applied to create the film's mood, acting style, and visual composition.

Well, with critical raves like that, how can you not want to give the newly-released U.S. trailer for Only God Forgives a peek (if only to gauge which side of the divide you might fall on)? That preview includes many of the same elements as those found in Drive, right down to the electronic (and downright gothic) score composed by Cliff Martinez, and the unflappably stoic performance by Gosling.

Check out the newly-unveiled Only God Forgives poster below:


'Only God Forgives' Poster

Only God Forgives is based on Refn's original script, and revolves around Julian (Gosling): an American living in exile in Bangkok, where he runs the family drug-smuggling operation (using his Thai boxing gym as a cover). The death of a loved one leads Julian's dragonfly mother, Crystal (Kristen Scott Thomas), to demand that her son hunt down and kill the man (Vithaya Pansringarm) who is responsible. But does this turn of events present a chance of redemption for Julian - or the final step he will take, on the road to damnation?

Drive is a film that tends to split people into two camps; namely, those who regard it as masterful high art cinema and others who feel that it's pretentious and dull. Will Only God Forgives divide moviegoers as strongly as it did with the Cannes crowd - or will the general reception be more tempered than that?


Only God Forgives begins a limited theatrical release in the U.S. on July 19th, 2013.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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