New Ong Bak 3 Trailer

In case you are new to the Ong Bak trilogy, the new trailer for Ong Bak 3 should at least pique your interest. It is literally 60 seconds of awesome. From start to finish, this film looks just as intense as the first two installments of the  cult hit series.

Anyway, the film appears to continue the trend of not sticking to a single storyline, a la James Bond. Collider explained the official synopsis for the third installment:

"The legend of Ong Bak 3 begins after Tien (Tony Jaa) has lost his fighting skills and his beloved stepfather at the Garuda's Wing cliff during the raid led by Jom Rachan (Saranyu Wonggrajang). Tien is brought back to life with  help from Pim (Primrata Dechudom) as well as Mhen (Petchai Sirijanya), and is able to achieve 'Nathayut.' His talents are put to the test again when his rivals - including the Golden-Armored King's Guar (Supakorn 'Tok' Kijusuwan), the mysterious killers in black, and Bhuti Sangkha (Dan Chupong) - return for the final massive showdown."

Mysterious killers in black? Final massive showdowns? Nathayut? Color me tickled.

The fresh story is not a bad idea, considering the action and aesthetics are what really fuel the movie. But I'm not alone in saying the second film was a weak sequelOng Bak 3 is bigger, faster, and angrier than ever, and (dare I say it) Tony Jaa is dangerously close to knocking Jet Li and Jackie Chan off their respective martial arts pedestals. Well, Jackie Chan is already off the pedestal, as well as his rocker.

Anyway, check out the new Ong Bak 3 trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments:


Ong Back 3 is set for release this May, which appears to be an awesome month for action flicks, with Iron Man 2 (May 7), Robin Hood (May 14), and Sex and the City 2 Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (May 28).

Source: 24 Frames via Collider

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