10 Things One Tree Hill Did Better Than Gossip Girl (& Vice Versa)

One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl are both teen dramas that feature characters going through a lot while growing up. They both lasted for several seasons (OTH got nine and GG got six) and they both had cast members made up of up-and-coming actors who are now household names.

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There are a few obvious differences, like the setting (one show is set in New York City and the other is a small town), but other than that, how do these two popular shows stack up against one another? Here are five things that One Tree Hill did better than Gossip Girl, and five things that Gossip Girl did better than One Tree Hill.

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10 One Tree Hill: The Supernatural

Not everything about a teen drama is realistic (like the crazy high amount of freedom that the high school characters tend to be granted), but it's fair to argue that shows like Beverly Hills, 90210 and My So-Called Life don't feature the supernatural.

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One Tree Hill stands out for having supernatural plots. Some people love this, others say that it makes the show even cornier in tone, but this is something that the show does pretty well. Even though it might seem like some magical scenes would seem out of place on a teen show, it actually works here. One example? Two characters, Clay and Quinn, were actually spirits for a while... and it honestly fit with the rest of the series.

9 Gossip Girl: Trendy Fashion

Gossip Girl is praised for the trendy fashion that most of the characters wear. This is definitely something that this teen show does much better than One Tree Hill.

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Blair and Serena are just some of the characters who look like they're going to be in a fashion show when they're honestly just going to school (granted, it's a prep school where everyone dresses to the nines). Whether the girls are in their school uniforms and pretty headbands, or Jenny is expressing herself while trying to rebel, the show has some awesome outfits.

8 One Tree Hill: Tight-Knit Friends

Even people who find One Tree Hill to be a bit much for their taste (as in it's a bit cheesy...) will have to agree that the main characters are very tight-knit. They are the kind of friends who are always in touch and see each other all the time.

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Even though many characters on Gossip Girl are friends, it doesn't feel the same, especially since there is so much conflict between the characters and they are often competing with one another. It's not exactly like there is one core group who hang out constantly and have so much fun together.

7 Gossip Girl: The Art Of The Frenemy

Gossip Girl did this much better than One Tree Hill: showing the art of the frenemy. For a while, at least in the beginning of the series, Blair and Serena are more like enemies than best friends since they are going through some stuff (hence the whole "frenemy" thing).

Many girls experience this in junior high and high school (and, unfortunately, sometimes even during college). The show does a really good job of portraying this awkward and tough situation, and it's clear that Blair really can't be trusted since she wants to be the Queen.

6 One Tree Hill: The Time Jump

One Tree Hill Brooke Davis

When it comes time to transition characters from high school to college and beyond, some shows will feature a time jump. That's the choice that One Tree Hill made and it was a smart one because the time jump is something that the show did so well.

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Season five started four years after the fourth season finale, and the gang is not doing super well. Peyton's miserable in L.A., Brooke is miserable (but a fashion success), and Nathan is miserable after his accident. It made sense to not show everyone in college and to have that time gap since the characters felt old anyway.

5 Gossip Girl: The Series Finale

The Gossip Girl series finale wraps the past six seasons up and does it with the flair typical of the rest of the show. In the biggest reveal ever, Dan is Gossip Girl, which many people didn't see coming (but after, tons of people said that it was super obvious from the pilot).

Because this got people chatting, this was a good twist and it was a good final episode. It was also great to see two iconic couples get married: Chuck and Blair (who then start a family) and Serena and Dan.

4 One Tree Hill: Truly Weird Moments (That Somehow Work)

Sure, there are times that a fan of Gossip Girl would watch an episode and raise their eyebrows. Not every plotline was great, like when Blair or Serena would be in a relationship with anyone who wasn't Chuck or Dan.

One Tree Hill managed to have some truly weird moments that somehow work and fit into the show. For example, it's impossible not to talk about when Dan's heart got eaten by a dog. Many fans were surprised and still talk about this scene and say that it's so weird. Yes, it's definitely weird... but these types of things are honestly the bread and butter of this particular show.

3 Gossip Girl: The Voiceovers (And Gossip Girl)

Many shows have voiceovers and One Tree Hill does as well. But since the title character on Gossip Girl does the voiceovers, this is something that the series does much better. The whole point of the show is that there is a character basically spying on everyone who knows their secrets, so if this didn't work, it would become very clear, very soon.

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Thankfully, it's well done, and the amazing Kristen Bell is the one who does the voiceovers.

2 One Tree Hill: The Romance


Something else that One Tree Hill does better than Gossip Girl is the romance. There are so many couples that fans really love. There's Lucas and Peyton, who fans couldn't wait to see finally end up together, along with Haley and Nathan and Brooke and Julian. (And no one can forget Quinn and Clay.)

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These love stories make the show fun to watch, especially since there are the usual obstacles that occur on teen dramas. While people love Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl, it's hard to watch them since they are often scheming and they're not straightforward with each other.

1 Gossip Girl: Showing How The Wealthy Live

None of the characters on One Tree Hill seem super wealthy, except for perhaps Brooke, but it's definitely not the focus of the series. That is different on Gossip Girl. This teen drama shows how the wealthy live, and money is a big part of the show.

Most of the main characters come from wealthy backgrounds and they dress so well because of it. It's also true that they have messed up family lives because of all this money and many of the teens don't feel super loved or cared for. It's only when Serena comes into contact with Dan, his sister, and their single dad (and their lovely family bond) that it becomes clear that money isn't everything.

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