15Candice Patton

Before she helped save the lives of superheroes, Candice Patton guest starred all over TV, and one of those roles was a young woman named Tanesha on One Tree Hill.

Tanesha only appeared in two episodes while Patton was busy auditioning for

bigger roles. She was the roommate of Amanda Schull’s character Katie, who went on to stalk and attempt to kill a pair of main characters in later seasons.

Patton followed up One Tree Hill with episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, CSI: Miami, and The Game.

These days, Candice Patton anchors a team of superheroes in The Flash as reporter Iris West. The character is more than just a love interest as she’s often the emotional center of the group, integral to unraveling the show’s mysteries, and always willing to pursue a problem on her own.

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