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One Punch Man Road To Hero

One-Punch Man is getting its first officially licensed Western game release from developer Oasis Games, and it will be called One Punch Man: Road to HeroOne-Punch Man is one of the most popular anime titles in the world, with the heavily-anticipated second season currently underway and receiving similar praise to its predecessor.

One-Punch Man follows the adventures of the bald, unassuming Saitama, the world's most powerful hero, as he navigates life as a superhero who is consistently bored. Saitama is so powerful that he struggles to find villains who can withstand even one attack from him, and as a result, he finds himself distracted by the most mundane things during the heat of battle, once lamenting that he forgot to go grocery shopping while simultaneously saving the city. The show's mixture of comedic timing, unique animation, and gorgeous battle scenes has made it a hit with fans who wanted something different than the typical story of a protagonist slowly becoming stronger and barely surviving a parade of increasingly threatening villains.

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Oasis Games will hope to translate the passion of One-Punch Man fans into success on the mobile gaming front, as the developer announced today that it will be launching the first officially licensed Western game using the IP. One Punch Man: Road to Hero will be a brand new mobile RPG card game, and will launch on the App Store and Google Play once the current season of One-Punch Man wraps up. Oasis Games announced that the game's registration event has also started today, with players able to register here to be eligible for an in-game gift and get notified when One Punch Man: Road to Hero is officially available.

One Punch Man Road to Hero Gameplay Footage

According to a press release from Oasis Games, the story of One Punch Man: Road to Hero will allow players to "chart their own path to the top," with a focus on giving players access to all their favorite heroes to battle with, train, and collect. The game will play out in chapters, allowing fans to collect and play over 50 characters, monsters, and S-Class heroes. One Punch Man: Road to Hero will also have an original plot with characters from the first season of the series, including Vaccine Man, Carnage Kabuto, and Lord Boros. The bulk of gameplay will be comprised of a turn-based mobile card RPG that has multiple battle modes, including PvP.

One Punch Man: Road to Hero has the benefit of being one of the first Western releases to really capitalize on a valuable license. Time will tell if Oasis Games' interpretation of the anime will stay true to what fans expect, but the amount of detail that seems to be going into the development of One Punch Man: Road to Hero should have One-Punch Man fans eager to give the new mobile game a chance.

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