One-Punch Man Theory: Blast Is Connected To Saitama’s Power

Saitama in One Punch Man

Could Blast's identity be connected to the source of Saitama's power in One-Punch Man? As the world of One-Punch Man continues to expand, the colorful cast of S-class heroes has grown and some of these characters possess truly frightening power. Perhaps the most noteworthy is Tatsumaki, the Tornado of Terror, whose psychic abilities appear virtually limitless and could perhaps even give Saitama himself a tough time if the duo ever come to blows. However, the Hero Association's highest ranked warrior, the enigmatic Blast, has yet to appear in One-Punch Man and is only ever whispered about in hushed, ominous tones.

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If Blast represents the biggest unknown in One-Punch Man, the second question fans desperately want answered is the source of Saitama's monstrous power. One of the story's best recurring gags is Saitama's claim that he became strong by doing "100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and a 10km run every single day." Neither Saitama's friends or foes believe that such power could come from a workout so mundane (by superhero standards, at least) and while Genos continues to probe for the true source of his master's strength, exactly how the Caped Baldy went from directionless university graduate to the world's strongest fighter remains a mystery.

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While these two plot points may seem separate, there's a good chance Blast could hold some connection to Saitama's power. Firstly, Blast's continued absence in One-Punch Man season 2 is a strong indication that the character will have a significant impact on the series. The No. 1 ranked superhero has been built up as a source of intrigue and will surely offer something special to justify the aura of mystery around him.

Saitama in One Punch Man

One strong possibility is that Blast and Saitama are related, most likely father and son, and there are several clues in the manga that hint towards this. In the original One-Punch Man web comic, Saitama and Blast are shown to have very similar personalities. Much like Saitama, a flashback sequence sees Blast describe fighting crime as a hobby, only turning up when it suits him or when humanity is truly in peril. Blast also offers Tatsumaki some direct, straight-forward advice in a manner very similar to Saitama's unintentionally inspirational teachings to Genos.

It's perhaps also significant that One-Punch Man has revealed absolutely nothing about Saitama's origins or family and, given that Blast was active 18 years before the start of the series, the ages and dates would also line up. The brief image the One-Punch Man manga has provided of Blast shows him to be a regular human in a standard superhero outfit, similar in style and appearance to Saitama.

One Punch Man Blast panel

Blast being Saitama's father makes sense from a thematic perspective too. One-Punch Man is built on the premise of subverting typical anime and manga tropes and one of the most common twists, especially in Shonen series, is revealing the protagonist to secretly have prestigious or powerful lineage. Examples of this can be found in One PieceNarutoAttack on TitanBleach and many more. Given One-Punch Man's semi-parody approach, it wouldn't be surprising if the series put its own unique, comedic spin on this trope, with Saitama perhaps refusing to acknowledge his father's return or, heading in the complete opposite direction, showing a rare, dramatic outpouring of emotion.

Even without the familial connection, there are plenty of other ways Saitama and Blast could be connected. One-Punch Man has shown various ways humans can enhance their own power scientifically and some fans have speculated that Saitama may have been a test subject for one such experiment as an infant. Blast may have received his strength in much the same manner, and his arrival in the series could herald the reveal of Saitama's own backstory. Alternatively, perhaps time travel will become a factor, and Saitama and Blast will be revealed as the same person - explaining the top hero's absence.

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One-Punch Man season 3 is currently without a release date. More news as it arrives.

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