Charlie Day & Jason Sudeikis Reuniting with 'Horrible Bosses' Director for New Comedy

One Night on the Hudson Seth Gordon

Seth Gordon has come a long way from his documentary roots since the critical and cult success of his microbudget gaming subculture true-story, The King of Kong. His new niche seems to be as the go-to director for offbeat Hollywood comedies and he's certainly seen commercial success in this role - with Four Christmases, Horrible Bosses and Identity Thief all scoring around $120m at the domestic box office.

As far as we know, Gordon is still attached to direct the remake of WarGames for MGM, based on a script by news broadcast producer Noah Oppenheim. Whilst waiting for WarGames to come out of its slumber and start stirring up an on-screen conflict between America and Russia (or North Korea, if the remake goes the same way as Red Dawn), Gordon is preparing for another foray into comedy that will see him working once again with a couple of old friends.

Gordon recently reunited with Jason Bateman for Identity Thief, and according to The Hollywood Reporter his next project will have him working together with the acting talent behind the two other beleaguered employees of Horrible Bosses: Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis. One Night on the Hudson is a comedy-thriller from video games writer T.J. Fixman (Ratchet & Clank, Resistance 2), and is reportedly about a wide-eyed rookie cop and a jaded veteran (see if you can guess who is who) given the task of transporting a witness in a federal case across the Hudson River.

Horrible Bosses Charlie Day Jason Sudeikis

Fixman described the movie deal on Twitter as, "[The] biggest thing to happen to my career ever," adding that he was very pleased with the talent already attached. Universal Pictures originally bought the project speculatively in 2011, but now they seem to be gearing up to put it into production.

Identity Thief received tepid reviews from critics (read our Identity Thief review) but Horrible Bosses is arguably the best out of the trio of studio comedies that Gordon has already directed - so there's a good chance that being reunited with Day and Sudeikis for One Night on the Hudson will rekindle some of the chemistry that made Horrible Bosses so much fun. If nothing else, fans of Gordon's work since The King of Kong will no doubt appreciate the video game connection provided by the screenwriter.

Will Seth Gordon's directing style lend itself well to the buddy-cop formula? Let us know what you think in the comments.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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