Netflix’s One Day At A Time Season 3 Gets February Release Date

Netflix has officially announced the release date for One Day At A Time season 3, which will return to the streaming subscription service in February 2019. The original One Day At A Time began its life in 1975 on CBS. The sitcom, created by Norman Lear, told the story of a single mother trying to raise her children in a continually changing world. The series won acclaim for tackling difficult topics of the time and ran until 1984.

In 2017, Netflix announced a remake of the series with Lear as executive producer. The reimagining of One Day At A Time follows a Cuban-American family consisting of a single mother, Penelope (Justina Machado), her mother Lydia (Rita Moreno) and two children, Elena and Alex (Isabella Gomez and Marcel Ruiz). Since then, the show has tackled its own share of difficult topics in its first two seasons, including immigration, mental illness, sexism, homophobia and racism. Netflix renewed One Day At A Time for season 3 earlier this year and now the release date has been revealed.

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According to a video released by Netflix, the streaming company will add that season to its service on February 8, 2019. As with previous seasons, a total of 13 episodes will become available to Netflix subscribers on that day. Watch the premiere date annoucement video for One Day At A Time season 3 below.

The third season will follow a season finale that very nearly killed off one of its main characters. In that final episode, Lydia was in a coma and was close to walking into the proverbial white light to be reunited with her husband. Fortunately, she decided to stay in this world and ended the episode by getting sworn in as an American citizen, along with the family's Canadian friend, Schneider (Todd Grinnell). The third season should prove just as exciting, especially with it boasting guest stars such as Gloria Estefan (who sings the show's theme song), Joe Manganiello, Alan Ruck and Danny Pino, among others.

After ABC canceled Roseanne due to controversial and racist tweets made by its star, Roseanne Barr, Netflix threw shade at the ABC series by recommending viewers watch One Day At A Time instead. Fans and critics continue to praise the show's handling of topics such as LGBT issues (Alex had her own coming-out story on the series), mental illness (Penelope has PTSD), the importance of immigrants to American culture and divorce. One Day At A Time doesn't get nearly the attention it deserves, so here's hoping that changes in season 3.

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One Day At A Time season 3 premieres February 8, 2019 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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