One Day At A Time Saved After Netflix Cancellation By Pop TV

Marcel Ruiz Rita Moreno Justina Machado Todd Grinnell and Isabella Gomez in One Day At a Time Netflix

After it was canceled by Netflix, the critically acclaimed reboot of One Day at a Time has found a new home at Pop TV. Despite routinely being praised with each new season, the Latinx sitcom found itself on the bubble after its second season and was summarily canceled following its third, resulting in a now familiar save-our-show campaign orchestrated by both fans and members of series itself. Though it has been quite a while since the show was officially given its pink slip by the streaming giant, it would seem there’s no statute of limitations on bringing a show back from the dead, as the CBS-owned Pop TV will air the next all-new season. 

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Pop is one of the cable networks casual TV watchers may not be aware is part of the cable package. While the channel airs its fair share of syndicated programming, with shows like Charmed, 90210, and Still Awesome. However, it’s also home to Schitts Creek, another critically adored but underserved sitcom, this time starring comedy legends Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy, as well as Big Brother After Dark, for those reality TV heads. It’s no doubt that the news of Pop picking up a series from Netflix will raise the network’s profile considerably, especially among the vocal viewers who campaigned for One Day at a Time to be saved from cancelation. 

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In an official release from the network, Pop TV president Brad Schwartz discussed the show’s impact on television diversity, and also noted how much the network would benefit from bringing what he calls “premium content to basic cable.” You can read Schwartz’s comments below: 

Justina Machado and Rita Moreno in One Day At A Time Netflix

“How amazing it is to be involved with this brilliant and culturally significant series that deals with important themes one minute while making you laugh the next. If Schitt’s Creek has taught us anything, it’s that love and kindness always wins. Pop is now the home to two of the most critically praised and fan-adored comedies in all of television, bringing even more premium content to basic cable. We couldn’t be more proud to continue telling heartwarming stories of love, inclusion, acceptance and diversity that pull on your emotions while putting a smile on your face.”

The news will be good for those who have yet to cut the cord or don’t have a Netflix account, too. Part of the deal to bring One Day at a Time to Pop TV means the series will eventually run on CBS following its run of new episodes on Pop. The added exposure of being run (well, re-run) on a major broadcast network may well be what the series needs to secure a season 5 renewal. For now, though, fans can rest assured that the series will live on for one more season, more proof that networks are listening to passionate fan campaigns. 

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One Day at a Time season 4 will premiere 13 new episodes on Pop TV in 2020.

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