'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland': Anastasia's Identity Revealed

[This is a Review of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Episode 3. There will be SPOILERS.]


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland shows just how costly magic can be in this week's episode, entitled 'Forget Me Not.' The Knave's (Will Scarlet) mysterious background is explained, as we uncover who Anastasia truly is.

'Forget Me Not' was a proper example of how essential character building episodes are. Taking a step away from Alice allowed for the opportunity to discover more about our favorite scoundrel, and why he gets that pained look in his eyes every time he speaks of his long lost love. The Once Upon a Time franchise never fails to point out that the use of magic has a cost, even if used for good.

Will Scarlet was indeed a member of Robin Hood's Merry Men, but in typical Once Upon a Time fashion, we're given a different take on the young man's origin. Apparently, this "looking glass" was an object that meant a great deal to Anastasia, but why? The magical object allows for one to travel between dimensions, but why would they wish to travel to Wonderland? What drove them away? Hopefully these questions will be answered as we uncover more events from Will's past.

The unveiling of Anastasia's identity was one of the highlights from what was already an outstanding episode. The reveal itself was not a shocker; however, Emma Rigby's (The Red Queen) portrayal of a young, naive, and innocent girl was priceless. Rigby demonstrated her depth as an actor this week, and she's quickly becoming the breakout performer of these early episodes. Jafar also recognizes her potential as she read through her deadly book of monsters. Are his flirtations with the beautiful queen authentic, or is he searching for a weakness?

With the inclusion of The Grendel in 'Forget Me Not,' writer Richard Hatem (Supernatural) crafted the best story of this young season. The way that Grendel and Will's stories parody each other gave us the ability to empathize with the unfortunate predicament both men are facing. Will may not have the boils and the hunched-back like Grendel, but his sense of loss is no less significant. Each man chased after love with the use of magic, and now they are alone. The cost of magic is the theme of 'Forget Me Not,' and what a hefty cost it is.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland continues to build upon its exciting world with each passing week. The mysteries pile up, but they never feel tedious or inorganic. As we wait for the next adventure, one has to wonder what happened between the Red Queen and Will? It's difficult to imagine the queen as always being evil. Unlike Jafar, Anastasia  is not the typical Disney "conquer the world" villain we're used to, like Maleficent or Ursula - but a woman who is capable of more good than evil. Keep watching to find out if these two lovers will be reunited.


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland continues with 'The Serpent' on Nov. 7, on ABC @8pm. Watch a preview below.

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