Deadpool & Fred Savage Team Up in Once Upon a Deadpool Poster

Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool and Fred Savage team-up in the first poster for Once Upon a Deadpool, the PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2. Reynolds and the rest of the creative team for the Deadpool franchise have largely maintained that an R-rating is the only way to properly bring the Merc with a Mouth to life. But, they're now ready to explore PG-13 with a brand new storytelling device.

The first Deadpool was a massive hit at the box office and a major win for people (like Reynolds) saying R-rated superhero movies can be highly successful. It came as no surprise that Deadpool 2 followed a similar formula, except for when it came to its release date. The movie arguably came out at the wrong time with the sequel tasked with battling major summer blockbusters instead of smaller films as the first one did in February. In an effort to explore Deadpool in a new way (and make more money), a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 arrives later this year. The biggest change - aside from eliminating nudity, blood, and language - comes in how the new cut will tell the story. Fred Savage was brought in to allow for a riff on The Princess Bride's bed-side story telling method.

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The initial announcement of a new cut of Deadpool 2 came with Reynolds teasing this approach with a photo of him dressed as Deadpool reading a grown up Fred Savage the story of Deadpool. The image offered a glimpse of what the actual movie could hold, but now Once Upon a Deadpool's first poster has been released by the official Deadpool Twitter account to put Savage and Deadpool on Rudolph's back.

This is the first piece of official marketing materials to arrive for Once Upon a Deadpool, and if Fox's history with the franchise has taught us anything, its that this will hardly be the end of it. After all, they need to properly sell this new cut of Deadpool 2 for what it is, so an actual trailer is likely coming soon. They only have just over a month left before it actually will be available in theaters for a limited time, so they'll need to make people aware that Deadpool is returning to theaters.

Even though the PG-13 cut is still relatively new news, it has been in the works for much longer. They filmed brand new scenes for Once Upon a Deadpool earlier this year. Reynolds was actually the one to come up with this idea, so this isn't even Fox finding a way to milk as much money out of Deadpool as possible. In fact, it was announced that they are donating one dollar from every ticket sold to Reynolds' charitable foundation F*** Cancer. With this new cut having a better chance of getting a release in China and serving as a way for Reynolds to show Marvel Studios he can work in a PG-13 environment, the pros of this new cut largely outweigh the cons. Whether or not audiences actually respond to Once Upon a Deadpool remains to be seen, but Fox is finally ready to start promoting it.

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