Once Upon a Deadpool Trailer: Celebrate Christmas With Fred Savage

The first teaser for Once Upon a Deadpool is released online. Earlier this year, Deadpool 2 became one of the biggest hits of the summer, grossing $734.2 million worldwide. While it wasn't as big a smash as its record-breaking predecessor, critics and audiences still had a great time with the movie. It was a film so nice, Fox decided to release it twice, as they surprisingly added a Christmas-themed, PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 to their slate. Officially titled Once Upon a Deadpool, it will play for a limited time in theaters this December.

In recent weeks, the studio has revved up the marketing campaign for Once Upon a Deadpool, unveiling a fittingly festive poster earlier this month. It was only a matter of time before the first footage debuted, and now fans have a brand new trailer to check out.

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Fox premiered the Once Upon a Deadpool trailer today, playing up the film's Princess Bride-inspired framing device where Wade Wilson reads a family-appropriate version of Deadpool 2 to Fred Savage (who appears to be held against his will). Watch it in the space below:

Since the Deadpool property is defined by its R-rated shenanigans, many were wondering what a PG-13 version of the character would look like. If the trailer is anything to go by, Once Upon A Deadpool will remain true to the Merc With a Mouth's spirit, as there's plenty of fourth wall breaking and pop culture references in the brief amount of footage shown here. The interplay between Savage and Deadpool should be highly entertaining as they get into the Fox vs. Marvel debate and look to bring childhood innocence to the multiplex. Plus, as evidenced by the extremely morbid Up joke, Once Upon a Deadpool will have some bitingly dark comedy - just with the vulgar language and violence toned down, of course. All in all, it looks like it'll be a fun treat for fans this holiday season.

What's more is that this isn't just a cynical cash grab on the part of Fox. Once Upon a Deadpool was actually spearheaded by Reynolds, and one dollar from every ticket sold will be donated to the F--- Cancer charity, which for the purposes of this movie is being renamed "Fudge Cancer." So while this could lay the blueprint for how a PG-13 Deadpool might be implemented into the Marvel Cinematic Universe once the Fox/Disney deal goes through, the main goal here is raising money for a good cause and bring tidings of joy to those in need.

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