Hugh Jackman Trolls Ryan Reynolds With Once Upon a Deadpool Ad

Hugh Jackman trolls Ryan Reynolds with a mock Once Upon a Deadpool ad that pokes numerous holes in Reynolds' seemingly perfect public image. Anyone who's been following the X-Men movie franchise for the past couple of years knows the two actors have engaged in a good natured back-and-forth, with Reynolds relentlessly campaigning for Jackman to reprise his Wolverine role in an upcoming Deadpool movie. Jackman remains adamant he's hung up the claws for good, a proclamation that had Reynolds recently call his friend selfish.

Sadly, it seems like X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the only time the two will share the screen in a Marvel movie, but film fans can see both stars in separate projects this fall/winter. Jackman leads Jason Reitman's The Front Runner as disgraced presidential candidate Gary Hart, while Reynolds will once again return as the Merc With a Mouth for the PG-13 edition of Deadpool 2Once Upon a Deadpool. Earlier this month, Reynolds had a bit of fun at Jackman's expense by unveiling a fake awards promo for The Front Runner, and now it's Jackman's turn to strike back.

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Jackman took to Twitter to share the video, which is stylized similarly to Reynolds' own parody. In the clip, the Aussie thespian takes all the credit for Reynolds' ascension to superstardom, claiming to have handpicked Reynolds for the Deadpool role and even helping Reynolds land the Sexiest Man Alive title. Jackman closes out the video by mentioning Once Upon a Deadpool's partnership with the Fudge Cancer charity. Watch it in the space below:

It's a humorous post that will only continue to fuel speculation Jackman is actually in Once Upon a Deadpool. For many fans, the constant interaction between the two actors is too coincidental for this to just be more of their trademark ribbing. While that could be all there is, it's understandable why some viewers would get out the tin foil hats and believe something's afoot. After all, Reynolds (with his new friend Fred Savage) shot new material for Once Upon a Deadpool in secret, and the announcement of the film came as a surprise. It's quite possible Jackman came on set for a day to shoot a brief cameo and Fox is keeping it under lock and key to shock audiences when the movie opens in December.

Considering how last year's Logan ended Wolverine's story, it makes sense why Jackman would be hesitant to reprise his trademark role. Most are in agreement James Mangold's Western-infused take on the X-Men property was the prefect sendoff, and little from an artistic perspective could be gained by having Jackman return. However, the Deadpool movies occupy their own zany corner of the universe and are famous for their fourth-wall breaking and meta references. Jackman could make an appearance (either as himself or Wolverine) in this one-off and it probably wouldn't throw the canon out of whack (even more so than it already is). Plus, it would make fans cheer to see the two faces of the X-Men series together again.

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