• Quentin Tarantino responds to Once Upon A Time In Hollywood's Bruce Lee backlash. 1 / 9

  • Lee's daughter, Shannon, and others have been critical about the late actor's portrayal. 2 / 9

    Bruce Lee Vertical
  • One point of contention is the assertion that Lee stated he could beat Muhammad Ali in the film. 3 / 9

    Brad Pitt Vertical
  • Tarantino claims Lee actually said this. 4 / 9

    Mike Moh as Bruce Lee Vertical
  • According to a biographer, he is misremembering the quote. 5 / 9

    Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon Vertical
  • Tarantino also stated that Cliff could win the fight against the marital arts master because he's a fictional character. 6 / 9

  • However, the larger issue isn't who would win in a fictional fight. 7 / 9

    Mike moh once upon a time in hollywood vertical
  • It's that Lee was treated as a punchline. 8 / 9

    mike moh once upon a time in hollywood vertical
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