What To Expect From On My Block Season 3

Is On My Block season 3 happening on Netflix, and if so, when will it release? On My Block season 2 released in late March 2019 - a year after the first season hit the streaming service. The new season wasted no time in answering the questions stemming from season 1's cliffhanger ending.

After Ruby (Jason Genao) and Olivia (Ronni Hawk) were shot at the end of On My Block season 1, fans waited nearly a year to find out the fates of the characters. The teaser footage hinted at Ruby's survival, but the same couldn't be said for Olivia. On My Block season 2 revealed that Olivia indeed fell victim to senseless gang violence and the tragic event took hold of the neighborhood for most of season 2. While Ruby dealt with the PTSD after being shot, Cesar (Diego Tinoco) dealt with the consequences from his guilt. With the Santos no longer on his side, Cesar leaned on his friends for help, specifically Monse (Sierra Capri), but she went through her own family issues this season. Then there was the task of cleaning the Roller World money that Jamal (Brett Gray) found so they could use it without being tracked.

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Once the Prophets set their sights on Cesar, Ruby and Jamal ultimately tried to buy their friend's protection by giving the Roller World money to Spooky (Julio Macias). They unknowingly gave away the money while Spooky and Cesar cooked up a secret plan to set up the Prophets with marked bills which resulted in the entire gang's arrest. Despite the tension between the core four, everything seemed to go smoothly after they saved Cesar. That was until the last episode ended with the group being kidnapped, setting up On My Block season 3 as there's now a ton of unanswered questions.

Last updated: April 30, 2019

On My Block Season 3 Renewal

On My Block

Netflix announced an On My Block season 3 renewal on April 29, a month after season 2 released. The streaming service generally makes a renewal decision within a month of a show's latest season premiere, so this renewal falls in line with previous seasons. This is great news since nt only did On My Block season 2 end on yet another cliffhanger, but the series really seemed to find its footing in season 2 as well. On My Block gained a loyal following since its debut, and Netflix really ramped up the promotional tactics ahead of season 2.

On My Block Season 3 Release Date Info

On My Block first debuted on Netflix in March 2018. After the series was greenlit for another season, the cast and crew went right back to work so that the second season would be ready for the same time this year. With On My Block season 3's announcement falling in line with season 2's, then season 3 is most likely being planned for a late March or early April 2020 release. Series creators Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft undoubtedly have multiple seasons of On My Block mapped out and they've seemed notably hopeful in interviews regarding the future of the series. As long as the cast has the availability, not much would slow down the development of season 3.

On My Block Season 3 Story Details

Just like season 1, On My Block season 2 ended on with a major twist. Although the cliffhanger didn't leave the fates of multiple characters' up in the air, there was a surprising mystery. As Monse confronted Cesar, Ruby, and Jamal about their friendship and her news that she's officially leaving Freeridge, their dismissive reaction left her storming off. She continues to rant to herself as her friends are seen in the background as they're kidnapped and thrown into a sketchy van. Shortly after, someone throws a black hood over Monse's head and abducts her as well.

So who kidnapped the group and why? On My Block season 3 will certainly center on that mystery and whether or not it has anything to do with their connection to the takedown of the Prophets. The main four's involvement with both gangs will most definitely have ramifications going forward. The latest events will clearly affect Monse's plan to leave the area for a boarding school on the east coast but the rift between the group will also be a major factor for the series going forward. Monse, Cesar, Ruby, and Jamal are no longer the strong unit they once were. Of course, the constant threat of violence and the traumatic events surrounding Olivia's death will continue to affect the group, especially Ruby and his PTSD. A kidnapping and any ensuing threat will only put them in a darker mindset.

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