10 Omega-Level Mutants That Could Change The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now officially changing after Avengers: Endgame finished off the storyline with the Infinity Stones – Spider-Man: Far From Home will serve as an epilogue, but it will kickstart this change in direction.

With the series now heading in uncharted territory, it’s time to bring in the mutants into storylines, and these beings have power-levels that can easily put even Thanos to shame. Omega-level mutants have the ability to fight off Celestial beings, so you can imagine the number of ways the MCU can pull this off. These 10 Omega-level characters, in particular, have backstories and potential arcs that can usher in the new era of the franchise.

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10 Cable

With Deadpool 2’s release, people are now more knowledgeable of Cable, but what the movie didn’t tell us was that this character was the son of Cyclops…and Jean too, in a way. Cable’s mother was a clone of Jean, and he was imbued with supreme mutant powers due to the combination of his parents’ physiologies.

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Unlike most stories with familiar settings, though, Cable was never shown to unleash his true potential, and his arc instead went the route you saw in Deadpool 2. The MCU is known for making things bigger and better, and Cable can be introduced to ultimately have him show his Omega-level potential. This would of course be a slow-burner of a story, that would unfold within four-to-five films.

9 Emma Frost

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The MCU will benefit by having Frost as a supervillain of a female team-up movie, as Frost has both physical and telepathic powers. This would make her an excellent foe to physical-based heroes like Storm or the Wasp, as well as presenting her as a viable opponent to telepathic superheroes like Jean Grey and Scarlet Witch.

8 Psylocke

Psylocke should be presented over a long arc where, like her comic book counterpart, she slowly uncovers new set of powers to be a real threat to a main antagonist like Thanos was to the Avengers. In the comics, her powers amplified from basic telepathy to being able to use her powers across enormous space and even develop telekinetic powers extreme in scale.

Like Scarlet Witch stomped Thanos in Avengers: Endgame after having been a side character for the most part previously, Psylocke should likewise be introduced in a smaller capacity, which should increase from one film to another, until she’s developed enough characterization to blow all our minds when she unleashes her wide array of Omega-level powers.

7 Legion

Dan Stevens in Legion Season 3 FX

The MCU is incredible in treading softly into sensitive territory, and if played right, we can have a championing superhero figure for mental health efforts. Legion is a unique character in that his powers vary from one personality to another (think Kevin Wendell Crumb from Split to get an idea what we mean here), and these powers are mind-boggling in essence, contributing to the Omega nature of them.

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He’s the son of Professor X, which instantly writes its own story for the MCU, and Legion can be an excellent superhero who empowers people struggling with mental health issues. Legion’s powers are such that he can do almost anything he wills when in the right mind frame, and this can be exploited for some creative storylines in the MCU.

6 Rachel Summers

Rachel Summers X-Men Comic

Cyclops seems to have some mad genes in him, seeing as another one of his children turned out to be on Omega-level. This one, though was the daughter of the actual Jean Grey – both Cyclops and Jean of this continuity were separate from the Prime universe.

Rachel Summers has psionic abilities that allow her to transcend all laws of physics, as she has even shown time manipulation. The biggest feat of her to mention is that she beat Galactus when she was imbued with the Phoenix Force! This can easily be adapted into the MCU, where Rachel could be built up as the main hero for a future Avengers film, and Galactus can be the main antagonist taken down by her.

5 Quentin Quire

We definitely do need characters with an edge in the MCU, especially where the younger characters are concerned, and Quentin Quire can be the answer here. The character has been touted as one of the most powerful beings ever in the Marvel Universe, as he can use his telepathy to manipulate the thoughts and intentions of those around him.

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Ideally, he would be used in the MCU to introduce a film based on Xavier’s school for mutant children, and Quentin can be the lead character in this adaptation. It would be a wonderful opportunity to introduce new blood, and develop Quentin as a heavyweight for an Avengers film where he uses is Omega powers to fight Celestial-type beings.

4 Exodus

Exodus X-Men

Speaking of Omega-level mutants, we don’t need all these to be superheroes, and a supervillain in this regard would be very much welcome. For young mutants like Rachel Summers and Quentin Quire, Exodus would be the perfect villain for them to go up against.

He would be more than a match for them, and the film can be balanced by having an ultra-powerful mutant fight up and coming mutants with extreme potential. Exodus is a supreme telepath; whose control of his mental abilities enables him to complete teleportation across space and galaxies. This can be used in fight choreography in the movies, and we have a lot of ground that can be covered within the MCU for this type of villain.

3 Iceman

Iceman was never allowed to fully be unleashed in the X-Men film series, where he was always presented as a supporting character squarely around Rogue’s storylines. He’s in fact a supreme-level mutant, whose powers are so incredible, they can cause the Earth’s atmosphere to be permanently altered.

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He can also be used as the first LGBT superhero within the MCU, and his powers can be influenced by his personality. As Spider-Man: Far From Home is set to feature the debut of the Elementals, we can derive influence from there as to where the Iceman character can go in terms of showcasing his powers.

2 Jean Grey

X-Men Dark Phoenix Jean Grey Origins Explained

There’s no real point in listing Jean Grey’s powers, since everyone already knows all she can do. What we can discuss, though, is what her role in the MCU might be. We’ve already seen her be the young and unsure Jean, while also seeing the adult version as well. This only leaves out room for Jean to be shown with a much happier personality in the MCU, which would then be altered by the Phoenix Force.

This would also make room for character development, as Jean can originally be shown in the first couple films as a powerful character who refuses to go all-out before later films have her be in control of the Phoenix Force and battling beings like Galactus in a potential Avengers film.

1 Franklin Richards


As far as insane level of powers go, we have to hand the winner’s cap over to Franklin, who has every power you think of – and even that's putting it lightly. Franklin could never be shown in his full potential in the MCU, as we doubt they have the budget for what he’s capable of.

He can create entire galaxies while playing around, and can finish off Celestial beings like they were part of his imagination; Franklin is simply unbeatable and basically one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. In the MCU, they can keep Franklin as a comic relief character for the most part, where we only see slivers of his powers, before a large-scale team-up film like The Avengers, where Franklin shows everyone he’s not all about the jokes.

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