Omarosa is at it again

It should come as a surprise to no one that Omarosa from Season 1 of The Apprentice is not going away anytime soon. She still gets news coverage by doing and/or saying controversial things. Her latest comment was made during an NBC teleconference for another reality show. She made the comment that the way The Apprentice was produced and edited caused black male contestants to appear lazy and timid, while black female contestants were perceived as being on the opposite extreme.

First of all, considering the fact that her behavior formed much of the basis for the stereotype she is criticizing, the irony is palpable. Besides, I don't think she's right about black male contestants coming across as lazy and timid. Kwame from Season 1 and Kevin from Season 2 are the only black male contestants who come to mind, and neither one struck me as lazy. Kwame's extreme "hands-off" management style made him seem timid sometimes, but I never got the impression that he was lazy. Kevin didn't seem lazy or timid to me at all.

Mark Burnett, who produces The Apprentice, responded forcefully to Omarosa's remarks, calling them "insulting." He also went on to tell her, "Take responsibility for your own behavior and stop disparaging other African-Americans."

I couldn't agree more.

Source: CNN


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