Angelina Jolie pushed her career to a new level when she was cast as the lead in the Tomb Raider film adaptation as Lara Croft, the popular and voluptuous video game character. The film was a financial success and spawned a sequel, albeit a very bad one that made less money.

Since then, we’ve seen several more Tomb Raider video games come out, but nothing official on a third major film. There’s been talk of a reboot with rumored interest in Megan Fox to relaunch the franchise, but she claimed to have no interest and nothing came of it. Who then could Paramount Pictures look at to lead a reboot of Tomb Raider? How about the growing-in-popularity Olivia Wilde?

Considering the source of this rumor, there’s a very high chance this is completely falsified, but the possibility of Olivia Wilde getting a lead role as an action star is worth discussing, and something that’s very possible and believable.

Studios would not doubt seek out someone who’s young, well-liked, and quickly earning important parts in major films and Wilde is exactly that person. With a lead role in TRON: Legacy (and its sequels) and a key part in this summer’s Cowboys & Aliens, along with her regular role in the super successful TV series House, Olivia Wilde is being named-dropped for seemingly any and all major lead female roles, including Superman: Man of Steel.

Interestingly enough, the following images appeared online on photobucket (in low quality), featuring Wilde sporting Lara Croft duds. The uploader describes them from a photoshoot for House season 6 but we couldn’t find the official high-res image anywhere:

Could these be the source of the rumors?

I don’t think anyone would take issue with Wilde signing for a role such as this. The only concern is whether Tomb Raider can still sell and whether or not the supporting cast will be beefed up with celebrities to raise it’s profile. If Paramount is looking at another Tomb Raider, it’s likely going to be a “realistic origin story” as Producer Justin Lin (Terminator Salvation) said two years ago.

Is Olivia Wilde a good choice to play Lara Croft?

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Source: The Fan Carpet

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