Olivia Wilde To Star In & Direct Time's Up Era Psychological Thriller

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Olivia Wilde is eyeing her next project: a psychological thriller called Don't Worry Darling that she'll both star in and direct. For most of her career, Wilde has been known primarily for her acting. She starred in the TV series House and the films TRON: Legacy and Drinking Buddies. She was also in 2018's Life Itself with Oscar Isaac and Annette Bening, though that film received largely negative reviews from critics. Wilde will next be seen starring in Clint Eastwood's The Ballad Of Richard Jewell with Jon Hamm.

Earlier this year, Wilde transitioned to directing with her feature film debut Booksmart. The movie centers on two high school seniors who want to let loose on their last day of school. It was well-received by viewers and critics alike and was lauded for redefining the coming-of-age comedy. Wilde has already set her directorial follow-up to Booksmart: a holiday comedy from Universal Pictures that was announced only a couple of weeks ago. There aren't too many details known yet, though the premise of the movie came from Wilde and Katie Silberman, who also wrote Booksmart. At the time, Wilde said the idea "was born on the set of Booksmart during a long series of night shoots" and that she was "beyond grateful to be able to collaborate on a new project."

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According to Deadline, Wilde and Silberman are collaborating on yet another film. The Time's Up-related Don't Worry Darling is a spec script written by Shane and Carey Van Dyke, which Wilde plans on both starring in and directing. Silberman will rewrite the script, which, in addition to being Time's Up-centric, is also "a psychological thriller about a 1950s housewife whose reality begins to crack, revealing a disturbing truth underneath." Studios and streaming services are said to be "absolutely salivating" over the script, which is currently at auction. The auction is expected to end by this weekend, by which time there may be a dozen offers on the project.

Though many TV shows have done episodes addressing Time's Up and #MeToo, movies haven't made the leap yet. Grey's AnatomyBrooklyn Nine-Nine, and Will & Grace have all tackled the issue, usually with standalone episodes. Most support for Time's Up in the film industry has happened off screen, such as stars wearing pins to the 2018 Golden Globes. This is also partly because TV episodes have a much shorter turnaround than feature films, making it easier for shows to address issues in a timely fashion.

The psychological thriller element of Wilde's new project will make it a departure for her, as both Booksmart and her upcoming holiday film are comedies. It will also be the first film she's both directed and starred in. The multi-studio bidding war for this project and the one with Universal shows that Wilde has become a sought-after director. Despite how much critics enjoyed Booksmart, the box office numbers left something to be desired. However, studios and streamers clearly still believe that Wilde can deliver audiences. With the potential for her new project to wind up at a big studio, hopefully Wilde will find an audience that matches the critical enthusiasm for her films.

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Source: Deadline

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