Olivia Wilde Happy To Be Back To Work On 'House'

When Olivia Wilde’s character Thirteen surprisingly exited  House and embarked on a mysterious journey, fans have been when wondering when the numerically-labeled physician would be making her triumphant return to the hit Fox series.

During a press junket for the highly-anticipated Tron: Legacy, Wilde spoke to us about finally returning to the halls of Princeton-Plainsboro.

"Since doing Tron, I've been able to go back to House and have [had] a lot of fun doing that."

Additionally, when asked whether she'll be back on House for the long run or whether this is just a one-off to wrap up her character’s storyline, Wilde said:

"Oh, yes, I'll be back on House. I'm blessed to be a part of a show that has allowed me to do these films while doing the show; it's unusual and they've been very gracious."

A refreshing revelation for House fans, no doubt. With Cameron’s departure from the series, Thirteen was left to battle the ominous cane wielding diagnostician on her own. While Cuddy often helped serve as proverbial backup, there’s nothing like having a strong female character in the room with House, Taub, Chase and Foreman while they’re doing their differentials on the patient of the week.

With the introduction of Amber Tamblyn’s character, Martha Masters, she managed to surprisingly fill many of the character gaps left by Thirteen when she abruptly exited. In the end, Masters proved to be a wonderful addition to the series with the perfect mixture of House and Cuddy all wrapped up in one genius med student.

Of course, while Masters was a terrific character that provided much fodder for House’s cannon and someone that could easily become a permanent member of his team and subsequently the show, her character was socially paralyzed and often failed to emotionally connect with the familiar physicians in the way that Thirteen was able to.

Although, with David Shore being so supportive of Wilde’s constant comings and goings, one has to ask whether the famed creator has given up one of the characteristics that he has stood by since the series beginning.

When Jennifer Morrison was leaving House, she stated that Shore has always been very true to the writing of the characters and what he believes them to be. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Shore has lost any creative credibility, but when someone who writes what’s true to the character is met with filming schedules from Tron: Legacy and Cowboys & Aliens, that doesn’t exactly lend itself to fit within those creative boundaries of being able to tell the true story of those characters' journeys.

Ultimately, as always, you either work with it, or…. there’s a mysterious suicide all of a sudden because one of your actors decided that he wanted to work at the White House, only to quit after several months. Weird.

While no specific date has been announced for Thirteen’s return, with Wilde currently back on set, one can estimate that you’ll be seeing her on House sometime in January/February.


House airs Mondays @8pm, on Fox

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