Olivia Wilde To Play Justin Timberlake's Mom

The ravishingly beautiful Olivia Wilde has been cast as Justin Timberlake’s mother in the upcoming Andrew Niccol sci-fi thriller, which was formerly titled 'Im.mortal'.

Director Andrew Niccol (Lord Of War, Gattica) has cast some of the hottest young actors in Hollywood in his upcoming sci-fi thriller, previously titled I’m.Mortal. A cast full of young Hollywood’s elite up-and-comers is not an unusual move for a director; what makes these casting choices interesting, is that young and the beautiful actors will be playing the parents of equally young and beautiful actors.

Tron Legacy's stunningly gorgeous Olivia Wilde will be playing pop star-turned-actor Justin Timberlake’s mother, while Vincent Kartheiser (of television's Mad Men) will be playing the lovely Amanda Seyfried’s father.

There are two approaches sci-fi takes when it depicts a dystopian future/alternate reality. It either goes the route of the full-fledged, post-apocalyptic fall-out (see: The Terminator and Mad Max). Or it portrays the eerily glossy surface that hides all manner of evil, as was attempted in The Island.

Niccol's film sounds as if it will be exploring the beautiful-yet-horrific version of a dystopian reality. The story reportedly follows a similar trajectory as Logan’s Run with the population only being allowed to age to their 25th year, at which point they need to (literally) purchase more time in order to stay alive. In this set up, it seems that the wealthy and elite thrive and live as long as they desire, while the rest of the population must toil away just to keep breathing for the course of a normal life span.

In the film, Will (Timberlake) is a young man from the less fortunate side of society who is falsely accused of murdering a wealthy man in order to steal his purchased “life.” Will takes Sylvia (Seyfried) - the daughter of another wealthy and powerful man - hostage, and runs for his life from law enforcement officers Cillian Murphy and Collins Pennie.

Niccol is a director who enjoys exploring the potential impact science and technology could have on society at large. He seems particularly interested in our search for “perfection” as evidenced by S1mOne and Gattica. This film looks like it will continue to explore those themes, while adding the notion of eternal youth and beauty into the mix. Though I am fairly sure I have a pretty good grasp on the story just from the description, the project has a strong cast and director. I enjoyed Gattica and God Of War and found S1mOne to be a really interesting concept. Niccol's latest has great potential to be both thought-provoking and a fun sci-fi action/adventure.

Source: /Film Via The Wrap

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