Is Olivia Munn Playing The Wasp in Iron Man 2?

There's been a lot of speculation about who Olivia Munn will be playing in Iron Man 2 - and the actress hasn't exactly been avoiding the chance to stoke fan curiosity.

Munn's role in the film has shifted around quite a bit since she was originally cast: including reshoots in an entirely new role. However, a recent Forces of Geek source suggests that the actress has been cast as Janet Van Dyne, a founding member of the Avengers known as the Wasp.

If the speculation is true, it would mean that Munn will have a brief cameo in Iron Man 2 - in anticipation of a larger presence in the upcoming Avengers film.

It's certainly not a stretch to imagine that sometime after Munn was originally cast in Iron Man 2, someone over at Marvel studios realized that, in the long run, it would be better to secure the actress in a featured role - not just a small cameo.

munn wasp avengers

Of course nothing is official, but it's hard to deny the likelihood of Munn receiving a significant upgrade to her role in the Marvel universe - especially after the interview she did with Zimbo regarding the new role:

"I’m a huge geek, and to have anything more than a passing glance in Iron Man 2 is a dream come true. I don’t need anything big, just a chance to fulfill a little part of my nerd fantasy. If you made me pick, my first role had more improv and was a lot of fun, but for my second one I got to pick a Marvel Comics character. It’s pretty dope that from here on out, I’m that Marvel character."

The wording "here on out" is an interesting choice - seemingly implying something a bit more significant than a regular female cameo.

Would Bryce Dallas Howard identify with Gwen Stacey in the same way? Probably not.

Traditionally, the Wasp has the ability shift her height from hundreds of feet tall down to mere centimeters in size (more often the latter) - at smaller proportions she also develops insect-like wings. The character also features the ability to unleash electrical bursts known as her "Stinger Blasts."

wasp iron man 2 avengers munn

In the past, Wasp's powers have been fueled by harnessing energy from an alternate dimension - and subsequently, the greater amount of energy she requires, the greater strain is placed on her body. Though, more modern versions of the character have revised the energy transfer portion of her powrs enabling the Wasp to self-generate the energy she requires for battle.

Certainly, Munn is no stranger to electrifying screens around the world - therefore, the rumor has to be true, right (we can hope)?

What do you think? Is Munn the Wasp? How do you feel about the inclusion of the character in the Marvel film franchises?

Sources: Zimbo, Forces of Geek

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