10 Olivia Munn Movie And TV Show Roles You Forgot About

Olivia Munn has taken on many different roles throughout her career, letting her bright, silly, and geeky personality shine through. The first time audiences became familiar with Olivia Munn was when she became the co-host of G4's Attack of the Show!.

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After spending four years at Attack of the Show!, Munn moved on to other projects and has since become a rising star (she even worked as a Daily show correspondent for a few years). While she has appeared in a number of high profile projects, there are still some Olivia Munn roles that even her biggest fans have forgotten about.

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10 Sloan Sabbith (The Newsroom)

Olivia Munn Newsroom

Olivia Munn has appeared in plenty of high-profile projects, and one of her more prominent-yet-forgotten roles might be as Sloan Sabbith on HBO's The Newsroom. While the show often struggled to find its audience and also wasn't a huge hit with critics, Munn brought a lot of life to her role.

Munn portrayed Sloan as an intelligent but awkward member of the team. She had a lot of trouble connecting with her coworkers, and Munn utilized her knack for comedic timing to make Sloan's awkwardness even funnier.

9 Samara (The Slammin' Salmon)

The Slammin' Salmon might just be one of the most underrated Broken Lizard films out there. Sure, it's no Super Troopers, but it's got plenty of hilarious moments and a huge tangle of stories that all come together nicely.

One of these stories involves a famous film director (played by Sendhil Ramamurthy) wanting to propose to his girlfriend Samara (Olivia Munn). He wants the ring hidden in a dessert, which is accidentally eaten by the restaurant's manager. The director doesn't want to ruin the surprise, so he stalls while the manager waits for the ring to pass. Gross.

8 Lana (Greek)

Greek took an inside look at what life was like among sororities and fraternities at a fictitious college. While the show starred plenty of young, talented actors like Spencer Grammer, Clark Duke, and Dave Franco, it also featured Olivia Munn in a small but memorable guest role.

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Munn played Lana, a former girlfriend of Cappie and staff member at a catering company. Cappie and Lana had essentially the same personality, which might be why their relationship didn't work out so well.

7 Maya (Ride Along 2)

You'd be forgiven for not even realizing that there actually was a sequel to the Ice Cube and Kevin Hart-starring buddy cop film Ride Along. Still, the film was successful at the box office (though maybe not so much with critics).

In the sequel, creatively titled Ride Along 2, Olivia Munn plays no-nonsense Detective Maya Cruz. Maya is not the kind of person who just stands around and puts up with the actions of the main characters, although she does eventually end up attending a wedding with Ice Cube's character.

6 Leigh (Perfect Couples)

Remember the show Perfect Couples? Trick question: no one remembers this trainwreck of an NBC sitcom. The show revolved around three couples in various stages of their relationships, each with their own idiosyncrasies and quirks.

Munn played Leigh who, along with her husband Rex, considered herself to be in pretty much the perfect relationship. While the show wasn't great, Munn did a great job playing someone who is entirely secure in her relationship.

5 Angie (New Girl)

Before Nick and Jess finally ended up together, both characters went through plenty of failed relationships on New Girl. One of those was Nick's fling with a stripper named Angie, played by Olivia Munn.

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Nick looked at Angie as being unattainable, but when they finally got together, he realized that maybe dating a stripper wasn't actually the best idea. Angie left Nick after he revealed that he wanted a more conventional relationship during an absinthe-induced jag of honesty.

4 Jen (Deliver Us From Evil)

Deliver Us From Evil is a lesser-known film from Scott Derrickson, director of Sinister and Doctor Strange. The film revolves around an NYPD police officer who is drawn into the world of the occult and possession during a particularly strange case.

Olivia Munn plays Jen, the wife of the police officer. although she doesn't really get a lot to do in this particular film, Munn still manages to imbue the role with her signature personality.

3 Momo Hahn (I Don't Know How She Does It)

I Don't Know How She Does It is not exactly a film that is fondly remembered. Starring Sarah Jessica Parker in the lead role, the film basically tells the non-story about a wife and mother who despite all of her responsibilities at home and at work, manages to keep it together. Basically, it's amazing that she does the thing that many women do every day.

Olivia Munn plays the woman's personal assistant, Momo Hahn. Though Munn typically plays the kinds of roles where she gets to let her sense of humor shine, Momo is a much more straight-faced character, one that doesn't let anything (except for an accidental pregnancy) phase her.

2 Mily Acuna (Beyond The Break)

In 2006, TeenNick introduced a new show for its programming block known back then as 'The N.' Beyond The Break focused on a group of young surfers who were looking to make it big. The show lasted for three seasons, but never really caught on, even as a cult hit.

Among its cast of realtively unknown actors was Olivia Munn, who played Mily Acuna. Interestingly enough, Munn had auditioned for one of the lead roles but was instead cast as a more minor character. Another fun fact about Beyond The Break is that it actually featured Kim Kardashian in the role of Elle for 4 episodes.

1 Georgina (Mortdecai)

It's a good thing that Olivia Munn has turned up in better and better projects over time, because if she had stopped at her role in Mortdecai, that would have been truly unfortunate. Upon its release, Mortdecai immediately became a huge flop, though no one was all that surprised.

Munn's character, Georgina, is one half of a pair of art thieves. She gets to flex some of the villainous muscles that would serve her better in X-Men: Apocalypse, but overall, the film is better forgotten. Since the release of this film, she has taken on far better roles in movies like Office Christmas Party and The Predator.

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