10 Funniest Quotes From Old School

From the not-so-trusty trust tree to the tranquilizer-in-the-jugular incident, here are some of the greatest quotes from Old School.

Old School is one of the funniest comedies of the 2000s and one of the films that helped kick off the so-called Frat Pack group of comedy. Starring Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Will Ferrell, the movie was about some middle-aged friends who start a college fraternity which turns them into legends.

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The high concept is bolstered by the fantastic cast, especially the three leads. Their individual style of comedy helps to make this an unforgettable and hilarious film. There are so many laugh-out-loud moments and one-liners that have become iconic even after all these years. Relive the frat boy fun with the funniest quotes from Old School.

10 "I'm here for the g**g-b**g."

The film starts with a bang, so to speak, with Mitch (Luke Wilson) returning home from a business trip and finding an unexpected surprise. He walks into his bedroom to find his girlfriend watching adult movies. While he is initially excited by the idea, that excitement quickly turns to horror as a group of blindfolded people, sans clothes, emerge from the closet.

To find out that your partner is cheating on you is bad enough, but to find out just how much she was getting up to behind your back must really sting. To add to the terrible situation, a last-minute guest arrives at the door saying, "I'm here for the g**g-b**g." There's no denying it at that point.

9 "What, I thought we were in the trust tree in the nest, were we not?"

One of the funniest sub-plots of the movie is Frank (Will Ferrell) finding that his hard-partying ways are damaging his new marriage. Frank's wife is having a hard time coping with the various shenanigans he is getting involved in and they eventually go to marriage counseling.

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As the counselor ensures them that they are in a safe space where they should share openly, Frank decides to share what is one his mind lately. He goes into great detail about how he daydreams about other women and their underpants. He quickly learns that the so-called "trust tree" has its limits.

8 "See, I'm the first one to go to college in my family and when I left she said, "Weensie, if you screw this up, I'll kill you.""

The exploits of the new fraternity soon catch the attention of the college Dean, who has a bitter history with Mitch and his friends. As a way to punish them, he declares the fraternity is to be shut down and all members expelled from the school.

One of the frat boys, Weensie, takes this particularly badly, saying that his mother will kill him. The others reassure him that he's overexaggerating, but Weensie explains that his mother made that point perfectly clear. That's a pretty intense way to motivate your children's education.

7 "Just ring the f**king bell, you pansy."

It's clear that the frat's stand-out member is Blue. The extremely old veteran proves to be as passionate about the fraternity as any of the young members and participates in all the activities, no matter how dangerous. However, the mud-wrestling contest they hold for his birthday bash proves to be too much for the old man.

As he steps into the ring, Frank questions if he's actually up for this kind of activity. Blue bluntly responds with his final words, "just ring the f**king bell, you pansy." Blue was a man that knew what he wanted, even if it killed him.

6 "You just took one in the jugular, man."

While the whole cast of Old School helps to make this movie so great, Will Ferrell really steals the show. Frank is such a mess that Ferrell is given plenty of outrageous and hilarious situations to deal with. One of the funniest moments comes when Frank is talking with an animal wrangler (Seann William Scott).

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Despite the tame petting zoo animals that he takes care of, the wrangler is very excited by the prospect of getting to use his tranquilizer gun on one of them. Of course, it's Frank who accidentally shoots himself with the gun directly in the jugular.

5 "And finally, why is the other end of this string tied securely to your p***s?"

As with any frat movie, there needs to be a hazing sequence for their new recruits. After violently abducting the wannabe frat members, the men take them to the top of one of the college buildings for a terrifying test of their trust in each other.

Each member stands at the edge of the building holding a cement block tied to a rope. The other end of the rope is then tied to their p***s. They are then told to drop the cement blocks and trust that they have been given enough rope to prevent any unwanted pulling.

4 "You're my boy, Blue!"

Frank proves to be the most intense member of the fraternity and takes a lot of pleasure in ordering the pledges around and yelling at them constantly. One member that he seems to take a strange liking to is Blue. So, naturally, Blue's death in the tragic wrestling mishap hits Frank pretty hard.

In a touching and hilarious tribute, Frank soulfully sings "Dust in the Wind" at Blue's funeral. Breaking down at the end, Frank cries out "you're my boy, Blue." The line has become one of the most quoted lines from the movie and made it impossible to listen to that song in the same way ever again.

3 "Once it hits your lips, it's so good!"

When we meet Frank at the beginning of the movie, he is a mild-manner guy who seems to be comfortably settling into domestic life. However, we get a hint that he might have had wilder days in the past. His wife worries that his old hard-partying persona "Frank the Tank" might resurface.

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During the first party in Mitch's new house, Frank is invited to do a beer bong with some of the younger guys. He eventually relents and Frank the Tank returns. Seeing Ferrell's gleeful reaction to chugging the beer is hilarious.

2 "Earmuffs."

Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson in Old School - Student/Principal Rivalries

Despite being the most successful member of the group and being a family man, Beanie (Vince Vaughn) is the most involved member of the fraternity. He is the one who comes up with the idea in the first place and plans out all the wild activities. He manages to balance his other responsibilities by bringing his children along to the frat events.

A frat house might not seem like the best place to bring a kid, but Beanie has it covered. When he says "earmuffs" to his kids, they cover their ears and everyone can swear all they want. It's a great running gag and a fun parenting tip (not really).

1 "We're going streaking!"

When you think of Old School, it's impossible not to think about this scene. During an epic concert at Mitch's house, Frank is reintroduced to beer and comes up with a great idea. As Snoop Dogg performs on stage for the crowd, a very drunk Frank comes out and declares "we're going streaking!"

After trying to get Snoop to join in, Frank runs off for a one-man streaking adventure. This may be the moment that cemented Ferrell as a comedy superstar and gave the movie its most iconic moment.

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