Old Man Logan Sequel Featuring Star-Lord Announced

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The popular Old Man Logan comic series will be getting a sequel, starring the Guardians of the Galaxy member Star-Lord. The Old Man Logan comics take place in an alternate future set in Earth-807128, revolving around an aged version of Wolverine. The character actually debuted in Fantastic Four (Volume 1) #558 in 2008, but got his own comic series soon after.

Star-Lord, a.k.a Peter Quill, on the other hand debuted in 1976 for the magazine Marvel Preview #4. The character had appeared in several comics throughout the years, but gained massive popularity when a new comic surrounding the Guardians of the Galaxy debuted in 2008. The Guardians themselves have been around since 1969, but a new team of heroes was introduced in 2008 with Star-Lord leading the group. On the cinematic side, Star-Lord is currently a main character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe appearing in both of the Guardians of the Galaxy films as well as this year's Avengers: Infinity Warwhere he died at the hands of Thanos. While Star-Lord is still appearing in comic books to this day, he will soon be getting the "Old Man" treatment.

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As reported by CBR, writer Ethan Sacks and artist Robert Gill will be in charge of creating an Old Man Quill comic series for Marvel. The news was announced at Lucca Comics 2018, where editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski gave details surrounding the project. Sacks described the series as, "It's a sequel in the Old Man Logan universe. It’s something that takes place a little after Old Man Logan". The first issue of Old Man Quill is said to debut in February; however, the length of the series and the exact plot are still unknown.

While Quill is the most recent character to undergo the "Old Man" storyline, he is hardly the first. Besides the aforementioned Old Man Logan, Marvel has also released an Old Man Hawkeye comic series, which is a prequel to the Old Man Logan comics. Likewise, Old Man Captain America was recently revealed in Hawkeye's comic series and several other heroes have made appearances in Old Man Logan. With the success of Old Man Logan and Old Man Hawkeye, Marvel is likely hoping to repeat the success with Quill's storyline.

With Marvel's two comic series and the massive success of the film Logan, it's clear that fans are interested in the futuristic and older versions of superheroes. Logan was even nominated for an Oscar this year, which rarely happens with superhero flicks. Even though Star-Lord has made some troubling decisions in Infinity War, the entire Guardians team has remained popular among comic fans. With the success of Old Man Logan and Old Man Hawkeye, the introduction of Old Man Quill seems like a safe bet for Marvel.

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Source: CBR

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