Two Hawkeyes Are Deadlier Than One in Marvel's Future

Even forty years into the future, Marvel's two Hawkeyes make for one deadly combination. Sure, most of the deadlines is coming from Kate Bishop since Clint Barton can barely see, but... what he lacks in accuracy he makes up for with morale in Old Man Hawkeye #8.

The team-up was anything but agreed upon, with Clint bringing his mission of revenge to Kate's doorstep - along with a horde of Venom Symbiotes - but it's hard for her to resist the chance to help Clint get the vengeance he's after. And as our preview shows, Old Man Hawkeye #8 finds Kate all too eager to beat the sense out of a particularly rude goon.

Seriously, who ever said that Clint's Hawkeye was the last superhero alive in America?

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Old Man Hawkeye #8 finds Kate and Clint working their way towards the last villain on Clint's kill list, and apparently in need of some fuel. It's a dilemma that Kate has willingly agreed to step into, after Clint explained why his mission of revenge is bigger than himself. And after telling Kate how the Avengers were brutally killed by people they believed were their friends, she had no choice. She missed out on that fight, but with Clint's vision failing, it seems she's willing to make up for it now that his days are dwindling.

In hindsight, Kate and Clint could use some practice before making a run at Baron Zemo. And when they seek some fuel from what remains of Gordon Nobili's crew of miscreants, fans get to see how much fight Kate still has in her.

Take a look at the preview pages below:

Nobody should overlook Clint's own proficiency in combat, even at his age (although taking the last eye from one of Nobili's goons seems a bit harsh, considering his own visual degeneration). But the star of this preview is unquestionably Kate Bishop, who takes exception to an unknown four-letter word used to diminish her skills in hand to hand combat.

Skills that will probably not be doubted any time soon, if the repeated "WHAM WHAM WHAM" of her punching from off-panel is any indication. How much damage she does to the Hydra-emblazoned thug remains to be seen, just like Clint's ability to negotiate a better deal with Nobili, the former mob son turned Inhuman. Not to mention how much longer Kate and Clint can survive before the MCU's version of the Winter Soldier comes to kill them.

Check out a full synopsis for the issue below:

OLD MAN HAWKEYE (2018) #18

Published: August 22, 2018

Writer: Ethan Sacks

Art: Marco Checchetto

Cover Artist: Marco Checchetto

HAWKEYE AND HAWKEYE — TOGETHER AGAIN! It’s HAWKEYE and HAWKEYE back together again, as KATE BISHOP and CLINT BARTON make their way across the Wastelands. But what will their confrontation with SONGBIRD reveal? Plus: BULLSEYE vs. RED SKULL’s secret weapon — the WINTER SOLDIER!

Old Man Hawkeye #8 will be available from Marvel Comics on August 22nd, 2018.

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