Old Man Hawkeye Is Killing His Former Teammates

WARNING - Spoilers for Old Man Hawkeye #3


Old Man Hawkeye sees Clint Barton go on the defensive as he seeks revenge against some former friends who helped ruin the world. Fans of the Avenging Archer are wondering where Hawkeye is in Avengers: Infinity War as the character has been absent from all the posters and trailers so far. Luckily, the comic book side of things still has plenty of Clint Barton.

Along with the regular adventures, Hawkeye ditched his MCU-inspired costume to literally ride in and save the day during a recent issue of the 'No Surrender' story playing out in Marvel's main Avengers. Still, his solo book has been absent since Kate Bishop took the titular book and Occupy Avengers ended. But Marvel crafted an ingenious way to revisit a fan-favorite take on the character with Old Man Hawkeye, exploring the apocalyptic version of the hero in the world of Old Man Logan.

We've already seen a few familiar faces pop up, but the latest blast from the past is actually on Clint's kill list.

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Old Man Hawkeye #3 sees Clint enter Murderworld to find 'the big guy' he's been looking for. We know many of Clint's friends and allies were murdered when the supervillains took over, but it turns out a few characters in particular are to blame for Hawkeye's trauma. And though the targets in question have certainly been villains, they've also been friends.

The 'big guy' turns out to be Erik Josten, aka Atlas, who Clint fought alongside when he led the Thunderbolts. But times have changed, and their epic battle ends with Hawkeye putting down his former friend.

Josten has had a number of names, from Power Man, to Smuggler, to Goliath. He began using Atlas when the original Thunderbolts were formed to pose as heroes but secretly work as Baron Zemo's new Master of Evil. A number of the villains would go on to be heroes and work with the reformed Thunderbolts, but it looks like Atlas turned to the dark side when the world began to collapse. Apparently, so did Beetle aka Mach-I. And he better watch out, as Clint is coming for him next.

Unfortunately for Hawkeye, having to kill his old teammates isn't the worst of his issues. He's being hunted by Old Man Bullseye, a ruthless cyborg who's also the law around the land. Bullseye was bad enough as a human, but Old Man Hawkeye will be in real trouble when the new and approved villain intercepts Clint on his mission of revenge.

And on top of all that, the Venom Symbiote has attached to Multiple Man and the horde has set its sights on Hawkeye's estranged wife and daughter. Bullseye allowed them to live, but all Multiple Venom appears to care about these days is revenge (and human flesh). A world full of supervillains was never going to be easy, but Old Man Hawkeye is in way over his head.

Maybe it's a good thing his vision is fading, and his chances at survival along with it.

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Old Man Hawkeye #3 is available now from Marvel and your local comic book shop.

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