Old Man Hawkeye Comes To Kill Another Former Teammate

WARNING: This article contains minor SPOILERS for Old Man Hawkeye #4


Clint Barton may be a hero, but in the future of Old Man Hawkeye he's out to kill his former teammates. The comic series is a chance for Marvel to flesh out the post-apocalyptic future of one of their most acclaimed alternate universe, set just five years before the Old Man Logan series. And in our exclusive preview of Old Man Hawkeye #4, his mission to eliminate the friends who betrayed him looks to claim another life.

Not the Avengers made famous in Marvel's movie universe, thankfully (although some hostility between the MCU's Hawkeye and his Infinity War teammates would make sense). We're talking about the group of former villains-turned-heroes known as the Thunderbolts. While we don't know why they let Clint Barton live after the rest of Earth's heroes died, but one thing is for sure: betraying him didn't make their lives better.

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The fourth issue of the comic picks up shortly after Hawkeye kills Atlas, a former friend and Thunderbolt. Why now? Because Clint Barton has finally been told that he's going blind. So if he's ever going to go on a mission to attain the revenge he's longed for since being betrayed, it's now or never. And be warned that this is NOT a glorious crusade... just a bloody one.

Before killing Atlas, a washed-up attraction in a dirt cheap freakshow, the former Thunderbolt informed Clint that Abe Jenkins - better knows as 'Beetle' or 'Mach-X' - took betraying Clint as hard as anyone. Instead of victory or riches, he wound up working on a Doombot assembly line and drinking to get by. The preview of Issue #4 shows that was only half of his somber fate.

Take a look at the preview pages below:

The preview shows Atlas wasn't exaggerating the traitorous Thunderbolts' outcome for sympathy. What longtime fans of the team weren't prepared for were the countless letters Abe writers, unsent, to Melissa Gold (or "Songbird," the Thunderbolt he had feelings for in their original incarnation). Through the alcohol and tears, the sense of despair and loss is a perfect fit for the original Old Man Logan style.

Now the only question is whether Clint has to even fight Abe to kill him and settle his "debt." Oh, and whether the older Bullseye tracking Hawkeye actually manages to catch up to him before the multiplying Venom army that also wants to kill him does. However you cut it, the story is upping Hawkeye's credentials compared to the "real" superheroes that died along with the old world.

Check out a full synopsis for the issue:


Published: April 25, 2018

Writer: Ethan Sacks

Art: Marco Checchetto, Andres Mossa

Cover Artist: Marco Checchetto

AN EYE FOR AN EYE PART 4! HAWKEYE sets his sights on ABE JENKINS, formerly known as THE BEETLE! But as Hawkeye’s sight deteriorates, and his re-emergence gains attention…how long will he be able to shake the TWO tails he’s picked up across the Wastelands? The adventure heats up with a throwdown between two former Thunderbolts…and a surprise ambush you won’t see coming!

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Old Man Hawkeye #4 will be available from Marvel Comics on April 25, 2018.

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