Netflix's Okja Trailer Teases a Friendly Monster Movie

Ahn Seo Hyun and the creature, Okja, in Okja

Netflix has released its first trailer for Bong Jong's upcoming film Okja. The movie is set to debut at Cannes this week, before making its way over to the streaming service at the end of next month. Starring Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lily Collins, Paul Dano, and An Seo Hyun, Okja focuses on the friendship between Mija and her pet; a genetically engineered beast whom happily roams the forest. Swinton plays the the powerful owner of a company who want to capture Okja, and farm him for meat.

Directed by Jong (Snowpiercer), the screenplay for Okja comes from Jong and Jon Ronson (The Men Who Stare at Goats). Set to Mamas and Papas' "Dedicated to the one I love," Netflix have debuted the first trailer for the movie, that hints at it being a strange yet satisfying mix of humor, terror, heart ache and happiness. Take a look, above.

Okja centers around Mija, who lives deep in the woods of South Korea, and forms a strong bond with Okja. Designed Lucy Mirando (Swinton), the super pigs as she calls them, are beautiful, eats less food, and most importantly, they taste “f***ing good.” She sets about capturing the creature in order that it might be utilized for breeding and/ or meat production, but as the trailer shows, neither Mija nor Okja will stand for it, and an escape/chase ensues to rival that of any big screen blockbuster.

Ahn Seo Hyun and the creature, Okja, in Okja

The movie holds echoes of Jong's Snowpiercer, but is also strangely reminiscent of the storyline from E.T.; the bond between a child and an unknown creature that withstands the interference of adults who harbor bad intentions. Okja is adorable; the most perfect mix of hippo, puppy, and pig, and we defy anyone not to fall in love with him. He looks to be a whole lot of fun, and the trailer hints at some really sweet scenes between him and Mija.

Swinton- as ever- embraces the villaionus, slightly demonic character well, and is immensely watchable, but it's Seo Hyun's fierceness that really stands out. She owns the trailer with her character's strength and defiance clearly on display, and it's a safe bet we'll be rooting for her and Okja throughout. Okja covers a lot of themes relevant to modern day society; corporate greed, activism, and courage in the face of adversity, as well as the age-old happiness that only a human/animal friendship can bring.

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Key Release Dates
  • Okja (2017) release date: Jun 28, 2017
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