Official Synopsis for Rambo 5 (And What It's Based On)

For our next installment of 'Rambo 5 Week' - this is the fourth update on the project in the last 8 days - we have for you the (crazy) official synopsis for Rambo V: The Savage Hunt.

Here’s the story so far: Last Monday we reported that Rambo 5 was given the green light and it would start production in the spring. The story would apparently follow John along the U.S.-Mexico border as he annihilates drug lords in an attempt to rescue a kidnapped daughter.

A few days later, Harry at Ain’t It Cool News spoke with Rambo himself, Sylvester Stallone, and found out that what we heard about the story wasn’t accurate. The fifth installment would instead follow the aging warrior in the Pacific Midwest, back where he originated, where he’d lead a black ops team to take down some sort of supersoldier(s) born out of a failed experiment in a secret military lab in the area.

It doesn’t stop there though; we quickly heard from a Stallone voicemail shortly thereafter that the movie wasn’t so much sci-fi as was reported and the comparisons to the Universal Soldier movies were completely off. It seemed many had misinterpreted what was said originally.

Instead, Stallone revealed that the film would follow him against a beast of man who’d completely lost control and escaped the facility. He’d be primitive in a sense but he’d have the capability to survive rivaled only by that of John Rambo. This military installation was instead working on people starting from when they were kids to unleash the savageness inside of them, turning them into intelligent and fearless warriors.

So, what we’ve heard about Rambo 5 has gone back and forth along with the reaction of readers. The latest news of the movie following Rambo hunting his equal sounded pretty cool and was a more believable plot thread than the supersoldier idea.

Now comes more news from Ain’t It Cool News that what we heard previous wasn’t too far off. The following synopsis was sent to Harry:

Reading this, I’m surprised at this sentence: “a TEAM of highly skilled SPECIAL FORCES KILL TEAM” – what does that mean? And the idea of Rambo having a young hunting partner named “Beau” is unusual as well.

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