Official Iron Man Movie Trailer!

[UPDATE: Click here for the new full (and probably final) Iron Man movie trailer!]

Those sneaky buggers at Apple jumped the gun and have already put up the first official trailer for the Iron Man movie!

It wasn't supposed to be online until tomorrow, the 11th and after it aired on television, but oh well, eh? :-)

Following are a bunch of screen grabs from the trailer and then the trailer itself:

And here's the trailer. Hit the Play button to begin:

Or you can check it out in a variety of larger sizes at

Maybe it's because I'm a comic book/superhero geek, but for me, the San Diego Comic-Con footage was better as a whole. This has more of a "mainstream audience" feel to it that's not nearly as fun as the Con footage was... then again, I don't think "fun" is the vibe they're going for here.

I will of course be watching it repeatedly to digest it more properly. :-)

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