First Official Image of Jake Gyllenhaal's Battle-Ready Prince of Persia

The first official image of Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time has been made available online courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. The photo presents the character Gyllenhaal plays in the movie, Prince Dastan, ready for battle in his warrior duds.

This isn’t our first look at the buffed up lead in costume however, as last summer we got a glimpse of Jake in costume behind the scenes with some crew members and back in March of this year we got another two images of him again topless on one of the sets.

Unfortunately for the filmmakers, these images were all unimpressive. But now we finally have an officially released image and it looks good:

This image looks good as does the character’s costume. Did he tie that leather strap to his bicep himself?

I hope the movie emphasizes the cool action sequences and style that the game it is based on employs – that’s really the main selling point behind this and a big part of the game’s success and evolution into a feature film project.

Alongside Gyllenhaal, the cast includes Sir Ben Kingsley, Gemma Arterton, Alfred Molina and Toby Kebbell.

What do you think of his look? Can this video game-based movie break the trend of bad movies in the genre?

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is directed by Mike Newell and opens May 28, 2010.

Source: EW

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