Official Dragonball Teaser Poster

The first teaser poster for the live-action adaptation of anime action/soap-opera Dragonball has been released... in Japan, anyway. Still, the poster shows star Justin Chatwin looking quite the part of Saiyan martial-arts master Goku, holding what appears to be one of the mystical dragonballs in hand.


No, really... YAWN. The only work this poster seems to do is let a less-than-interested general public know that "hey, we're making Dragonball live-action now!" which I'm sure is causing all kinds of mania across the pond in Japan, but here in the USA, where Dragonball fans are still considered a minority group, the marketing team behind DB is going to need to come up with some pretty action-packed, intense, get-you-sweating-down-you-back images that will get people interested in seeing a good kung-fu flick. Leave the rest of the aliens abound/super Saiyin hairstyle/laster beam shooting/mystical dragon summoning aspects of the film for when people are already committed to putting their butts in those theater seats.

But enough about what I think. The poster appears below. Take a quick look and let us know what you think.

Dragonball is still scheduled to hit theaters on April 10, 2009. It will star Justin Chatwin, Emmy Rossum, James Marsters, Jamie Chung, Yun-Fat Chow and Ernie Hudson. The film is being helmed by James Wong (Final Destination, Final Destination 3).

Source: via Latino Review

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