We here at Screen Rant sometimes like to wait a moment before jumping on certain blogosphere bandwagons – a recent example being the half-composed images of a mech power suit that was allegedly part of James Cameron’s top secret 3D sci-fi epic, Avatar.

Well, good things do indeed come to those who wait: Instead of some grainy half-pic, we’ve go not one, but two new Avatar images – official concept art images – courtesy of Market Saw. One of the images is the aforementioned mech suit, in all its mechanized glory this time; the other is a futuristic aircraft.

Here are the two concept art images (Click on either one for a larger version)

avatar concept art mech suit OFFICIAL Avatar Concept Art

A better look at the mech suit that recently appeared around the Net.

avatar concept art flying craft OFFICIAL Avatar Concept Art

Avatar Official Concept Art Alien Craft

The concept art looks cool enough, however I’m really itching to see these wonderful pieces of equipment rendered in the photorealistic 3-D imagery technology that Cameron has invented for Avatar. That’s really going to be the measure of how excited I get for this film. At this point, not even a trailer is going to be enough to outpace the massive hype surrounding the film. Gotta see that 3-D tech in action. Got to.

On a side note, these two images are taken from the upcoming book The Art of Avatar: James Cameron’s Epic Adventure, which fans of the film (or innovative film-making in general) can pre-order for themselves by going here.

Are you digging the Avatar concept art, or do you too need to see more (a trailer, a trailer in 3-D) to get you excited about the film?

Avatar is currently slated to hit theaters on December 18, 2009.

Source: Market Saw

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