The Office: 20 Storylines The Writers Want Us To Forget

Angela Kinsey and Ed Helms as Angela and Andy in The Office

The alarm goes off but you hit the snooze button. You'd rather skip work and stay in bed all day. You want to avoid your annoying boss but you have no choice. You have to drag yourself into work. Well, the Dunder Mifflin staff was the same. In fact, they had more reasons to stay home. Their needy boss drove them crazy and they had a camera crew filming them at all times. When they're not at work they try to forget about Dunder Mifflin. Well, there are a few storylines The Office hopes fans forget.

The Office could make fans laugh, cry and feel awkward all in one scene. The show remains popular and gains new fans each day. It had its fair share of romance and heartbreak. Of course, it also features classic jokes that are now part of pop culture. As a matter of fact, fans still talk about many storylines and love stories. On the other hand, the show didn't hit a home run each time, as a few plots just didn't work or fit with the show. Fans either hated the story or had mixed feelings about it. Sometimes it was a minor plot or joke. However, the show often made drastic changes. Many of these changes didn't sit well with the fans.

Just like the staff tries to forget they work there. The writers want to forget they wrote the storylines. It's time to take a closer look at the Scranton Branch.

Here are 20 Storylines The Writers Want Fans To Forget.

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The Office Meredith Shaves Her Head
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The Office Meredith Shaves Her Head

There are a few Meredith plot lines the writers would like fans to forget. She's a bit on the wild side and enjoys a good party. However, there's one plot line that just didn't work for the show. In season 9, the writers did a Meredith centric episode. Meredith believes she spread lice to her co-workers.

However, it's Pam that brings the lice into the office and lets Meredith take the blame. Fans didn't enjoy Pam's actions in the episode. Additionally, Meredith ends up shaving her head bald and wears a wig for the rest of the season. Fans and critics reacted negatively to the episode.


The Office Andy Bernard Ed Helms Season 9

Season 8 and 9 failed to live up to previous seasons. In season 8, Andy Bernard takes over as boss after Michael Scott leaves. However, Andy couldn't follow Michael as boss. Many fans felt he was the wrong choice. In fact, it seemed the show couldn't figure out Andy. Eventually, he starts to pay less attention to work. He even quits to become an entertainer.

Of course, he fails to find any work and regrets his choice. He wasn't the only one. The show made too many changes to Andy. In addition, his talent show audition is tough to watch. He's not entertaining at all and is a bit annoying. He deserves to have an embarrassing video go viral.


In season 9, Todd Packer decides to get revenge on the staff. He had many run-ins with them over the years. So he pretends to be nice and brings them cupcakes. Of course, he spiked the cupcakes with substances.

The staff ends up having a really bad trip. In fact, the next morning when Pam finds them they're all a mess. She's also unaware that Packer gave Jim the cupcakes too. The show had never done humor like this before. For many fans, it felt like they were running out of ideas. The plot failed to connect with viewers.


The show was famous for its cold open. Sometimes the small scene would tease the plot for the rest of the episode. Other times it was a one-off joke that had nothing to do with the plot. In some cases, these cold opens were better than the episode itself. However, this is not one of those times.

In season 9, a cold open features Phyllis listening to the Fifty Shades Of Grey audiobook. The popular romantic novel includes many intimate scenes. Listening to the audiobook makes Phyllis express her feelings with sound. This makes the rest of the office uncomfortable. It also made fans at home uncomfortable too.


Dwight and Angela The Office

Pam and Jim weren't the only love story on the show. Angela and Dwight had their own romance as well. On the other hand, the show created a love triangle they hope fans forget. In season 4, Dwight and Angela break up. Eventually, she becomes engaged to Andy but has an affair with Dwight.

At the time, Andy was a very likable supporting star. Fans felt bad for him and put the blame on Angela and Dwight. Additionally, it made it hard to like Angela. Both Angela and Dwight came across bad in the plot. The writers had to do damage control with Angela to get fans back on her side. It took a few seasons but they were able to do it.


The Office Nelly and Toby

In season 8, the show began to focus more on Toby and introduced Nellie. However, by this point, neither one caught on with fans. Toby's better suited for a minor role and Nellie didn't fit in with the show. In the final season, the show became more desperate and tried out a new romance. Toby becomes obsessed with Nellie. Toby's always been on the stranger side but even this was weird.

Fans didn't like Nellie so her plot with Toby wouldn't catch on. Their romance also failed but to be fair it's got tough couples to compete with. They're certainly no Pam & Jim or Phyllis & Bob. It's a plot the show hopes fans can't remember.


Prison Mike the Office

Initially, Michael Scott is a lazy and selfish boss not good at his job. However, by season 3 he had gone through some changes. He was nicer to his staff and better at work. Nonetheless, he went back to his old ways for one episode. In season 3, Michael puts in charge of the branch mergers. He soon finds out an employee went to jail for fraud. Michael tries to act cool but it bothers him.

In addition, he's mad when the staff claim they'd rather be in prison than be at work. He then creates the highly offensive "Prison Mike" to teach them about jail. Although, he's never been to jail. To teach his staff a lesson, he locks them in the conference room.


As The Office was coming to an end there was talk of a spin-off. At one point, a spin-off about Dwight running a family farm was in the works. A backdoor pilot aired in 2013 but NBC passed. It's easy to see now that was the right choice. In season 9, Dwight's aunt passes and he inherits her farm.

The only condition is the whole family must run it. The episode's one of the least popular. It also proves why the spin-off wouldn't work. Fans hated it and gave it mixed reviews. In fact, some fans felt the storyline was pointless. It's one of the worst episodes in the show's history. It's a good thing the spin-off didn't happen.


In later seasons, Michael cares more for his friends and staff. He became a flawed but lovable star. From time to time the old Michael would emerge. In season 5, Michael and Dwight go to a local paper vendor for research. Dunder Mifflin feels this company is a threat. When Michael gets there he finds out it's just a small family company.

At first, Michael's excited to help his company but soon feels remorse. Regardless, he passes on the info and client list to David Wallace. His guilt went away once Wallace gave him praise. At that moment, he cares more about his job than his morals. Later, he finds out that they went out of business.


Clearly, the show had a difficult time replacing Michael Scott. His leaving the show greatly hurt it. However, the poor replacements only made it worse. In season 8, Robert California's put in charge of Sabre. He basically becomes Andy's boss. For most of the season, Andy tries to win Robert's praise.

Regardless, Robert didn't connect with fans and didn't fit with the show. In a lot of ways, it just felt like repeating old jokes and plots. The show figured it out on their own and Robert left the show. The show made too many changes in the last few seasons. It had little in common with the first few seasons.


Andy the Office

In season 8, the show brought in another character to fill the void left by Michael. To be fair, it's impossible to follow Michael Scott. Originally, Nellie was going to replace Michael as boss. Instead, Andy got the position and Nellie took on a supporting role. Nellie couldn't win the fans over. They just didn't like her but it got worse.

At one point, she tries to steal Andy's job and the staff is fine with it. In fact, Andy goes back to being a salesman and Nellie's the new boss. The storyline didn't last and goes back to the way things were before. It seems strange to make a change like that. The writers hope fans forget this plot because it just made her more unlikeable. In the final season, the writers made her relatable and nicer. By the end of the series, she won fans over.


The Office Andy and Erin

At one point, it seemed that Andy and Erin were on their way to being the next Pam and Jim. However, once Andy becomes boss everything changes. When Andy first appears he's a bit of a villain. However, he soon became one of the most popular stars. That changed when he became boss as does his relationship with Erin. In fact, he starts to neglect her and treat her badly. He's more worried about getting Robert California's praise.

Later, he takes a training seminar and comes back more confident. However, he treats Erin even worse than before. The fans lost interest in this new Andy and didn't like his direction. Also, fans become invested in Andy and Erin but it over just like that. He wasn't the loveable goofball anymore and was back to being the old Andy.


In season 6, it felt as if the show ran out of ideas. The season includes the infamous "Mafia" episode. Michael meets with a salesman but soon believes he met with a member of the mafia. It's one of the least popular moments in the show. In fact, fans still complain about the plot and jokes. It feels like a departure from the normal storylines.

Instead, it relies on stereotypes and cheap jokes. Michael in these types of roles didn't click. Additionally, Andy and Dwight's role hurt the plot even more. It's another plot the writers hope fans forget. Although, it seems fans never forget.


Many fans felt the show wasn't the same after Michael Scott left. In fact, most fans feel the show made a mistake by continuing without him. Instead of ending the series they brought it replacements. Indeed, they brought in some major Hollywood stars.

In season 7, Deangelo Vickers became the new boss. He takes over right after Michael leaves. Fans love Will Ferrell but not in this role. He didn't connect with fans and just couldn't follow Michael. The show quickly got rid of Deangelo. Even the way he left the show didn't work. It was the first failed attempt to replace Michael and wouldn't be the last.


Jim Halpert was good at his job but didn't like it. It's safe to say he hated it. The only reason he never quit was because of Pam. For most of the show, he goofs off and pranks Dwight. He puts little effort into his job but still does decent work. In season 6, the writes changed all of that. Jim decides to try at his job.

As a matter of fact, he becomes a co-manager. It just felt wrong to see Jim work hard. Also, he dreads staying at Dunder Mifflin forever. Then he wants to become a manager. It didn't work and only went a few episodes. Jim steps down as manager and goes back to his old job. It's as if the entire plot never took place and was all a dream.


Ed Helms as Andy in The Office

There are a few plots the writers want fans to forget. However, this one they wish they could forget too. In season 8, the writers went with Andy to replace Michael Scott as boss. This changed greatly hurt the show. Andy's best suited for a supporting role. In addition, it felt as if they tried to recreate Andy as Michael.

He was a Michael clone with similar storylines. Andy went through so many changes and felt different by the end. The show declined in ratings and popularity. The final seasons with Andy has boss are the least popular. If not for the great finale the show would have ended on a bad note.


The Office Angela Robert Dwight

The show was great a doing the "will they? Won't they?" romances. After the success of Pam and Jim, they expanded the romances. Dwight and Angela weren't Pam and Jim but did pretty good. Their love story went on for most of the show. The writers had to find new ways to keep the story going without making them a couple. However, it resulted in a storyline they hope fans forget.

In season 6, Dwight and Angela enter a baby contract. They don't start dating again and just try to have a baby together. The contract has all kinds of bizarre details and stipulations. Later, Dwight tries to back out of the contract but Angela threatens legal action. Of course, they do end up having a child together later in the series.


From the moment fans meet Pam there are two things they learn. First, she's in a relationship but should be with her best friend. Second, she's a talented artist with dreams of making it big. She doesn't want to work at Dunder Mifflin forever. Later, she starts attending art school. However, she fails a course and has to redo it over the next few months. It's just too hard to be away from Jim so she drops out.

Not sure the writers sent fans the right message. She basically picks Jim over her dreams but she could have had both. Pam pretty much gives up on her goal and just drops out. In fact, she later works in sales before becoming the office administrator. She does paint a mural in the warehouse but it would have been better for her to pass art school.


There's an old saying that says, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Well, The Office learned that lesson the hard way. In season 6, the writers made a drastic change to the show. A new company, Sabre, bought Dunder Mifflin. The show introduced a slew of new characters. That also meant some old ones left.

For instance, David Wallace was no longer Michael's boss. That role went to Jo Bennett who was good in the role. Although, fans missed the chemistry between Michael and David. It also felt like the show jumped the shark. It brought in new elements but fans missed the old ones. In the final season, the writers brought Wallace back and put him in charge again. They understood too late what made the show work.


Pam and Jim's love story was central to the series. However, the writers often put far too many obstacles in their way. Specifically, fans dislike two storylines that tease martial problems between Pam and Jim. In season 8, a new employee, Cathy, tries to tempt Jim to be unfaithful. Of course, he doesn't but fans didn't like the tease.

In the final season, they have serious marital issues because Jim's working in Philly. For the first time in the show, the camera crew's added to the story. Pam confides in Brian the boom mic operator. They teased a possible relationship but didn't go through with it. Up until that point, the crew was not part of any storyline. It did seem odd to suddenly make the boom mic operator a character. Fans didn't like seeing the crew part of the show or the tease of marital problems.


Are there any other storylines that you are trying to forget from The Office? Let us know in the comments!

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