‘The Office’ Spin-off Character Details: Meet The Schrute Clan!

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Old Dwight Schrute has a farm – and with The Office spin-off moving forward, we may just get to see more of it. As previously announced, Rainn Wilson would be leaving the hit NBC comedy to break out on his own with The Farm. Office showrunner and star Paul Liberstein (head of HR Toby Flenderson) will also be saying goodbye to the office desk and hello to the farm house as the spin-off’s executive producer along with Wilson.

The potential new series will revolve around Dwight and his siblings inheriting their family’s beet farm that also doubles as a bed and breakfast. The Farm will have a backdoor pilot in an episode of the upcoming ninth season of The Office that will allow NBC to estimate the spin-off’s possible success and whether to officially move forward or pull the plug.

NBC has yet to release any casting info, or if any of the other current Office stars will be leaving the flagship show in favor of The Farm – but TV Line was recently able to secure a list of new characters we can expect to make their debut.


FANNIE SCHRUTE : Is Dwight’s younger sister who left the Schrute farm in favor of city life in Boston. Now she’s divorced with a young son and is heading back to her roots on the beet farm. Fannie is described as an “attractive, urban girl in her late 20s/early 30s, and a bit of a pseudo-intellectual lefty” She also has an ironic sense of humor but a great heart.


JEB SCHRUTE : Is Dwight’s  thirtysomething ne’er-do-well brother who hasn’t had much success in his wacky career ventures – including  worm breeder and Bigfoot hunter. Jeb has none of Dwight’s dedication or work ethic, but is a decent pot farmer and has made an exercise video about things you can do with a knife and a canoe.


CAMERON WHITMAN:  Is Fannie’s son and Dwight’s nerdy and slightly weird 9-year-old nephew. He is described as a “cosmopolitan lad” who still feels the pull of his Schrute heritage, especially when he’s receiving fatherly guidance and attention from his uncles.


HEINRICH MANHEIM: The Schrute siblings’ charming, greedy, manipulative and slightly evil great uncle. Due to his German National Socialist roots, he may have spent some time in Argentina following World War II - and he also vows to kill Dwight by the end of the first episode.

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It should be noted that Cousin Mose (played by Office co-exec producer Michael Schur) didn’t make the list, but as the character has proven to be a fan favorite don’t be surprise if he moseys his way to the farm as well.

Wilson’s possible departure from The Office means the NBC comedy would lose another one of its top-billers. Although the previous eighth season was one of their best yet, it still had the noticeable hole of former star Steve Carell (Michael Scott) – and this year will have to do without Mindy Kaling (Kelly Kapoor) who is leaving to star in her own unrelated Fox comedy, as well as James Spader (Robert California) and B. J. Novak (Ryan Howard) who is taking an on screen breather from the show, but will remain as a writer.


Check back for more on the fate of The Farm and catch the return of The Office this September on NBC.

Source: TV Line

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