The Office: Season 9's 5 Best Episodes (& Its 5 Worst)

Season nine of The Office might not have been its best season, but it wasn’t its worst either. While the season was a mixed bag, it was the ending of the show, and the finale did manage to pull off something satisfying. The show struggled to find its way in some of the episodes in this season, but it also had some high notes. From Andy’s strange storylines to Jim and Pam’s marital problems, there was a lot going on in this season.

Here are the five best episodes from season nine of The Office and the first worst.

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Andy was a big mess this entire season. While in other seasons he was often annoying or clueless, he was never a complete jerk. In this season, he went downhill in a big way. In this episode, Andy’s a cappella group, Here Comes Treble, comes to Dunder Mifflin. This leads to Andy being jealous when Broccoli Rob has been hanging out with the group. This episode just showed how pathetic Andy had really become and was overall annoying. Focusing so much on Andy in this season was a mistake.


Dwight as Belsnickel In The Office

The Christmas episodes of The Office are some of their best. From “Classy Christmas” to “Moroccan Christmas,” there were a lot of iconic moments. This might not be the best Christmas episode, it was still a funny one.

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Dwight introducing everyone to a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas lead to a lot of laughs. While the side plots in this episode might not have been the strongest, Dwight’s moments make this one of the best episodes in the season.


Josh Groban The Office

This episode is another one that focuses way too much on Andy. When Andy’s family loses their money, Andy goes to sell the family boat and realizes his brother, Walter Jr., has been living there.

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Andy decides to go sailing around the world with his brother and leave Erin behind. This episode marks one of the worst story arcs of the show, where Andy pretends he’s still manager while he’s actually on a boat in the ocean for months. The storyline wasn’t funny but just frustrating.


The Office Jim Pam In Love Holding Face

The other big storyline this season is the one between Jim and Pam. While opinions on this storyline vary, it did give an interesting look into the fact that these two had troubles just like any real-life couple. This episode also gives us more insight into Brian, the sound man, and his role in the story. The high note of this episode is when Jim and Pam decide to stick it out on Valentine’s Day and fight for their relationship.


Scene from The Farm with Dwight Schrute and his brother

In this episode, Dwight hosts the funeral of his Aunt Shirley at his farm. We get introduced to his brother and sister and also to the group of sisters from a nearby farm. Introducing Dwight’s siblings seemed so pointless this late in the game. Also, creating a new romantic storyline wasn’t that funny or interesting either. To make this episode even worse, there was an unfortunate return of Todd Packer. He puts drugs in cupcakes that he gives when he “apologizes” to everyone. There wasn’t really a reason to have him return at all and this plot was just strange.


This episode was an interesting meta one that had the members of the office finally seeing the promo video for the documentary they had been filming over the years. The employees are freaked out by how much secret and private stuff the camera crew got.

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This episode lets the characters reflect on their journeys and also gave fans a chance to reflect back on the show itself. This was an interesting episode that leads directly to the conclusion of the series.


The Office Meredith Shaves Her Head

This is one of the filler episodes this season. In this episode, we see Pam struggling as she basically lives as a single parent because Jim is in Philadelphia so much. When she brings lice into the office, she blames Meredith. This wasn’t a good moment for Pam, and it was hard to feel bad for her when she laid the blame on someone else like that. At least the episode did end with Meredith and Pam having a bonding moment doing karaoke at a bar together which was kind of sweet.


This episode is only a good one if you like the drama between Jim and Pam in this episode. When Pam accidentally doesn’t record Cece’s dance recital for Jim, he gets mad at her which leads to a fight. Jim definitely is not at his most likable here. This was a rough episode to watch. In the end, we see Pam crying in the office and Brian comforts her. There was no shortage of dharma in this episode, and it’s definitely a realistic look into the kind of struggles that real couples face.


Once again, one of the worst episodes of the season focuses on Andy Bernard. In this episode, Andy tells everyone that he’s related to Michelle Obama after Nellie lies to him about it.

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This leads to an uncomfortable storyline where everyone questions whether Andy’s ancestors were slave owners, and Andy’s family confirms that their ancestors transported slaves. The whole storyline was really uncomfortable.


Without a doubt, the best episode of season nine was the finale. This episode was highly emotional and was a good send-off for the show that fans could appreciate. This episode occurs a year after the documentary airs. Seeing everyone come back together for Dwight and Angela’s wedding was sweet and emotional, especially Michael Scott’s return. Seeing the employees of Dunder Mifflin Scranton go their separate ways was touching. Pam surprises Jim with a big gesture of selling their house so they can move for Athlead. Dwight is the manager of the office. It’s a fitting ending for the show.

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